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Glow in the Dark Non-Skid Tape and Cleats Now Available

Wooster NiteGlow Flex-Tred We've sold non-skid tape, cleats and strips for quite some time now, but we've repeatedly been asked for a non-skid surface which could also provide some additional visibility at night. We've recently added Wooster's NiteGlow Flex-Tred tape and cleats which does just that. After being activated by natural or artificial light the tape provides a photoluminescent non-skid surface which is visible to the night-adjusted eye. Use it to provide pedestrian safety and guidance on leading edges of steps, around landings and through hallways and doorways. We've also recently added Wooster's "Caution" Flex-Tred product. It isn't photoluminescent like the NiteGlow tape and cleats; however it does provide a highly visible non-skid warning on any surface where added safety is required.

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    2/18/2010 9:24:46 PM |

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  • Donna Bourbon

    8/10/2010 11:34:37 PM |

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