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What Adhesive Tape Should I Use To Mark A Gym Floor?

JVCC V-36 Colored Vinyl Tape When using tape to mark off gym floors you want to be sure you don't use too aggressive a tape so as to ensure the finish/wax of the gymnasium floor does not come up or is damaged when removing the tape. A vinyl tape such as JVCC V-36 colored vinyl tape or a premium vinyl tape such as JVCC V-36P (if you want the tape to adhere a little longer) would be your two best bets. If you'd rather go with a matte finish tape then a low-adhesion gaffers tape such as Scapa 125 would be another one to look at. Thank you.

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Shurtape PE-100 Temporary Flooring TapeShurtape PE-100 FloorMate tape is specifically designed for use on wood floors with water-based finishes and ideal for creating temporary lines and boundaries on gym floor courts. This product leaves no residue, is comformable to curves, more durable than paper tapes and available for immediate shipping in black or white colors.

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