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Electrical Tape is vinyl tape used by electricians to insulate electrical wires. Colored vinyl tape allows wires and cables to be color coded for identification purposes. Vinyl electric tape was first patented in 1946. It was first used as wire-harness wrapping. It is interesting to note that the original colors for the tape were yellow and later white.
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Some electrical tapes are used for specialized purposes. For insulation purposes, typically the black tape is used. Other colors are used as indicators for the different voltage levels and different wire phases. Colored electric tapes are also called phasing tapes. In the U.S. and the UK red and blue are used for low voltage. In the U.S. brown, orange, and yellow are used for high voltage; green for earth ground; and grey and white are also used for low or high voltage neutral.

Vinyl electrical tape can be easily torn by hand and they can be removed from most surfaces cleanly. Electrical tape can also be used for quick fixes and securing cables. Besides basic vinyl electrical tape we also carry other tapes used for electrical purposes such as cloth friction tape used for splicing and repairing wires, corrosion control pipe wrap, dry vinyl tape, Kapton polyimide tape, glass cloth Teflon and skived Teflon tapes.

Consider your particular needs since there are different tapes for different uses. Be sure the read the specifications for the electrical tape to make sure it is the right tape for the application you intend to use it for. Buying the right tape for the job is important to prevent injury and dangers such as fires and electric shock. Simply hover your mouse over the product images below and click on the "Quick View" button to read the specs about that specific product. If you need help, you can always contact us. We are happy to assist in any way we can.

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Patco 5075 Wire Harness Attachment Tape
Patco 5075 Wire Harness Attachment Tape
from $3.42 to $31.97
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Patco 5095 Auto Headliner Anti-Squeak, Anti-Itch Tape
Patco 5095 Auto Headliner Anti-Squeak, Anti-Itch Tape
from $3.80 to $35.40
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Patco 85 PVC Cold Weather Electrical Tape
This product is not currently available for purchase.Patco 85 PVC Cold Weather Electrical Tape
from $2.57 to $3.79
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