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Our Paper Tape category includes paper-backed tapes used for painting, color coding, masking, packaging, splicing and mounting. Paper tapes are easy to tear and typically come with a weaker adhesive for easier removal from most surfaces.

Varieties of Paper Tape and Masking Tape

  • Crepe Paper Masking Tape - a general purpose multi-use tape for holding, masking and color coding
  • Flatback Paper Tape (also referred to as Kraft Paper Tape, Artist Tape, Console Tape or Board Tape) - offer excellent printability
  • Painters Tape - constructed of crepe paper and is used when clean removal is required even after being exposed to sunlight over a number of days
  • High Temperature Automotive Masking Tape - use when elevated temperatures and solvent resistance is required
  • Pre Mask Tape - translucent saturated paper which is used to transfer cut vinyl graphics from their release liner to another surface
  • Drafting Tape - smooth crepe paper with low tack, also used for labeling
  • Freezer Tape - used to completely wrap around the contents of freezer paper to seal it
  • Spark Deflection Paper Tape - adhesive-backed paper used by welders to protect vertical surfaces from damage caused by welding spatter and grinding sparks

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ISC RTMT Blue Hi-Temp Masking Tape
ISC RTMT Blue Hi-Temp Masking Tape
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