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Getting the best performance out of your racecar requires some of these unique types of racing tape from

Our selection of racers tapes includes a variety of versatile tapes that can help you drive at the top levels while also making your car look great. Our selection includes both standard-finish and dull-finish racing tape so you can adorn your car as you see fit. You can choose all neutrals like clear, white black and gray tapes if you like an understated look. If you prefer to be a bit flashier with your appearance, give your vehicle and upgrade with neon racers tape or checkerboard tape.

Regardless of which color or finish you choose, these tapes look good while also performing under pressure. Here are some of the potential applications for our standard and dull-finish racing tapes from

Product Applications:

  • Protecting paint on body panels (as with surface guard tape)
  • Creating an anti-slip, frictioned surface for brake and clutch pedals
  • Quick fixes and repairs for vehicles that have experienced collisions or other damage
  • General purpose bonding, holding and sealing
  • Decorating vehicles and adding creative accents to interior and exterior surfaces

Some of these tapes offer excellent features that will really come through when you need them most. Many are suitable for high temperatures, rough weather and other conditions that you might experience while out on the race track. Our non-skid tapes are perfect for helping you get a better grip on your brake and clutch pedals, while our duct tape patches are perfect for quick fixes in the pit. Check out the remarkable specifications for each product to find the one that meets your unique needs. is the best resource for all types of racers tape. You'll find surface guard tapes, duct tape patches and more from top brands like Berry Plastics, JVCC, ISC and Nashua when you shop online with us.

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