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Double-sided gaffers tape is a versatile product that has been coated on both sides with a removable adhesive. Thanks to its residue-free removal, it is regularly used for temporary adhesion applications. It's an essential item for theaters, auditoriums, film or television production, convention centers, photography studios and event venues. It is commonly used for quick, one-step applications in productions and events. Additionally, some of these two-sided gaffers tape options can be used for the following:

Product Applications

  • Temporarily securing carpet and pads at conventions
  • Hanging poly sheeting in mold/asbestos remediation
  • Hanging or seaming polyethylene sheets for construction or abatement
  • General purpose use in maintenance
  • Splicing applications
  • Securing garments to pallets in lieu of spray adhesive in screen printing
  • Temporary holding applications for industrial use

Be sure to click on each tape to see which styles are appropriate for your unique needs. Residue-free removal makes these tape solutions ideal for a wide range of temporary situations. Some people even use this type of tape as a residue removal tool, like a lint roller, because it's excellent at pulling off loose surface debris. We carry a double-coated cloth carpet tape with differential adhesion as well as a double-coated carpet tape with paper lining instead of film lining to make removing the tape easier.

These options come in thicknesses ranging from 11 to 13.5 mills and feature backings made from cloth, polyester/cotton or woven cotton cloth to ensure appropriate use in your specific field or application. is your source for top-quality double-coated carpet table, including double-coated cloth carpet tape, by top manufacturers such as Polyken, Scapa and Shurtape. This tape is typically easy to tear by hand and is sold by the roll or case to suit your unique needs and budget.

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