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Spike Tape, also referred to as spike gaffers tape, is a matte finish vinyl coated cloth tape cut to a 1/2 wide width and is typically used in the theater industry for stage spiking and marking.

Spike gaffers tape is also used in many other applications. The tape is used for color coding and marking, in bundling wires, in gaffing lights, and even for quick fixes of stage equipment. There are several options available if you are in the market for spike gaffers tape. Some quality spike tape options include JVCC Stage-Set Tape, JVCC Spike-Pack Tape Multi-Pack & JVCC Mini-Spike-Pack Mini Tape Multi-Pack.

The JVCC Spike-Pack Spike Tape Multi-Packs come in nine color packs. Included are fluorescent green, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, grey, yellow, brown, red, and white. Each roll in the regular pack comes 1/2 inch x 20 yards and in the mini pack comes 1/2 inch x 6 feet. The cores of these tapes are 1 inch in diameter, making them easy to carry. The adhesive is rubber, the backing/carrier is vinyl coated cloth, the thickness is approximately 11.5 mils, the adhesion to stainless steel 50 ounces per inch, and the longitudinal tensile strength 42 pounds per inch.

The JVCC Stage-Set Spike Tape comes in a width of a 1/2 inch. You get to choose from 19 different colors. These are burgundy, purple, electric blue, tan, teal, fluorescent green/pink/orange/yellow, blue, black, brown, dark blue, grey, yellow, dark green, olive drab, white, and red. The narrow spike gaffers tape is designed to not leave adhesive residue behind once it is removed, it does not reflect light, and you can tear it by hand. The spike gaffers tape comes in rolls that are 45, 50, and 60 yards long depending upon the color ordered. The adhesive is rubber, the core diameter is 3 inches, and the carrier/backing is vinyl coated cloth.

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