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If you are in the market for a standard black gaffer tape or a colored gaffer tape we carry varieties from some of the leading brands such as Shurtape, Polyken, Scapa, Pro Tapes, 3M Scotch, JVCC and Pocono.

All true gaffers tape are constructed of vinyl-coated cloth and then coated with a rubber adhesive which is designed to remove adhesive residue free from most surfaces. The tape is hand tearable and the vinyl-coating is waterproof and gives the tape a matte finish unlike the shinny finish you get with a duct tape which is polyethylene-coated. The tape is mostly used in the TV, A/V, motion picture, and photography industries to hold props, wires, and light. It can also be used for packaging, splicing, sealing, and other applications.

Going through a few options, the JVCC GAFF30YD Premium Grade 30 Yard Gaffers Tape is a gaffer tape constructed from Scapa 225 material and it comes in shorter 30-yard length rolls in black, white and grey. Scapa 125 doesn't have high adhesion so it's typically used for applications such as marking stages instead of holding down cables. It also comes in black, white and gray.

Polyken 510, Scapa 225, Shurtape PC-628 and Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff are extremely similar types of gaffers (just different brands) although Polyken 510 has a softer adhesive than the others so some prefer it do hold down cables on softer surfaces like carpet. They are offered in multiple color options. Scapa 425 is also a premium-grade black gaffers which has very high adhesion, but is still economically priced.

Shurtape P-665 has the highest adhesion of any gaffers we carry. Shurtape Professional Grade (P-672) and P-68 Vinyl-Coated Cloth Tape are probably the most often used for bookbinding because of their high tensile strength (the tape is much stiffer than other gaffers) and therefore can hold up much better to the repeated opening and closing of a book.

The Pocono GT-226 Clear Adhesive Gaffers Tape is standard black gaffer tape coated with a clear instead of a white adhesive so no white line is shown at the edges of the roll. JVCC J90 isn't a true gaffers tape since it is polyethylene-coated like a duct tape; however it does offer more of a matte finish then standard duct tapes and is more economically priced that a true gaffers tape.

Other standard black gaffer tape and colored gaffer tape include 3M 6910 Gaffers Tape which comes from the leading tape manufacturer; ISC Dull-Finish Racers Tape; Shurtape P-691 Premium Nuclear Grade Vinyl-Coated Cloth Tape and any JVCC overstock items which may currently be in stock (these currently include both GAFF-OD and GAFF-BURG).

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3M Scotch 6910 Gaffers Tape
3M Scotch 6910 Gaffers Tape
from $40.37 to $43.12

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