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Specialty gaff tapes, as the term suggests, are gaff tapes that are made for a specific purpose. A specialty gaff tape could be glow in the dark tape, striped tape, or camouflage. The tape you buy should be determined by your specific needs.

The Pro Tapes Pro-Camo Camouflage Gaffers Tape is also set on vinyl coated cloth. The adhesive used in the camo tape is synthetic rubber resin and it holds for extended periods and is designed to not leave adhesive residue behind when removed. This tape also conforms to irregular surface and it is abrasion and water resistant. It is used in fishing and hunting and wherever else camouflage is required.

Shurtape P-661 Glow in the Dark Gaffers Tape, as the name suggests, is a glow in the dark tape. This glow in the dark tape is hand tearable, unlike film glow tapes, and it is photo luminescent when activated by natural or artificial light sources. The operating temperature for this glow in the dark gaffers tape goes up to 200°F.

The Pro Tapes Striped Pro-Gaff Tape is another specialty gaff tape. It is custom printed with either alternating yellow and black stripes or with "Caution Cable" printing on top of alternating yellow and black stripes. It helps to readily identify cable areas which ensures high visibility for greater safety; however it is not a zone-coated cable path tape (if cable movement is required after the tape has been applied on top of the wires or cabling please see JVCC Wire-Line or Pro Tapes Cable Path tape).

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