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As the term suggests, a foam double sided tape is a double sided tape that has foam such as closed cell cross-linked polyethylene (PE) foam as the backing/carrier. The tape could be made of PE, PVC or Urethane foam. The leading brands in the manufacture of the double sided foam tape are Scapa, JVCC, 3M Scotch and Duck Brand.

The JVCC DC-WGT-01 Window Glazing Tape is made specifically for window glazing. The double sided foam tape is set on a closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam and it has a solvent-based acrylic adhesive. The adhesive bonds with wood, glass, and aluminum substrates with high peel adhesion, good strength, and quick stick.

Scapa SR516V Double Coated 1/16" Foam Tape is characterized by a white polyethylene foam, high-performance rubber adhesive, quick-stick, and good thermal insulation properties. Applications for the double sided foam tape include general mounting of signs, mirrors, and hooks as well as the mounting of signs and reflectors. See the Scapa SR532V for the same type of tape in a 1/32" thickness or the Scapa SR508V for the same type of tape in a 1/8" thickness.

The JVCC DC-PEF12A Double Coated 1/8" Foam Tape set on polyethylene foam and the adhesive is a solvent based acrylic. The acrylic adhesive system is recommended for outdoor applications due to its higher temperature, UV, weather, chemical, and plasticizer resistance. See the JVCC DC-PEF06A for the same type of tape in a 1/16" thickness or the JVCC DC-PEF03A for a 1/32" thickness.

The 3M Scotch 108 Foam Mounting Squares or the Duck Brand Removable Mounting Double-Sided Foam Tape are set on a polyethylene foam carrier and the adhesive used is repositionable acrylic. Silicone paper is used as the release liner. The foam double sided tape is used for lightweight items like photos and posters. They are capable of holding up to 1 pound of weight.

The Duck Brand Permanent Mounting Tape and the 3M 111 Foam Mounting Squares have permanent adhesives on both sides, meaning they could damage your surface. The foam double sided tape is used where permanency is required such as in putting up pictures and decorations.

Other double sided foam tapes that may interest you are the 3M Scotch 4658F Double Coated Removable Foam Tape which is 1/32" thick and offers 240 ounces per inch of peel adhesion and the Scapa S5169 PVC Foam Tape which is high density PVC foam and is used for gasketting.

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