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Creating a waterproof seal won't work with just any tape.

However, these foil-backed butyl rubber/mastic adhesive tapes from FindTape.com are just right for keeping moisture out and getting an incredibly strong seal on everything from pipes to vents. This foil repair tape is a great item to have around in any industrial setting. However, you might find that it comes in handy enough to stock in your home garage as well. That's because foil-backed butyl rubber/mastic tape is incredibly versatile. In fact, the following are some examples of the many potential uses for this type of foil tape:

Product Applications:

  • Sealing HVAC duct systems
  • Repairing seams and sealing cracks in gutters, roof alleys, eaves, hips and ridges
  • Insulating and sealing, including vapor barrier protection, heat reflection and dissipation, and waterproof repair and sealing
  • Improving indoor air quality, lowering utility bills and burning fewer fossil fuels
  • Repair gouges, rips and tears in metal panels of trailers, shipping containers and metal buildings
  • Sealing leaks in vans, cars, trucks and mobile homes
  • Sealing around chimneys and vent stacks

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to incorporate foil mastic tape in a residential, commercial or industrial setting. This is a multi-purpose tape that is sure to come in handy, especially when you consider its remarkable specifications. This type of tape has an aggressive surface tack that stays put even when exposed to moisture, heat and abrasion. It also features a high tensile strength that can be used even on particularly heavy items. In addition, some of these butyl mastic tapes for sale can be printed on for easier labeling and identification.

Browse our full collection of foil-backed butyl rubber/mastic adhesive tapes at FindTape.com to get the tape product that's best for you. Choose your size and color, then decide whether to order your tape by the roll or by the case.

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