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For many quick repairs, you'll immediately turn to your handy roll of duct tape. But when a larger issue presents itself, make sure you have some of these large duct tape patches on hand. Our wide width duct tape sheets are perfect for making larger patches when you need to fix something a little bigger than your typical duct tape roll can handle. Rather than trying to connect strips from the roll, get a more secure hold by using a single sheet of duct tape to make your fix fast and effectively.

There are a number of options when you shop for duct tape patches at FindTape. We offer 12-inch wide duct tape in traditional colors as well as extra-wide colored duct tape in other shades. You can get more information about the duct tape width by checking out the specifications for each of the products listed in this collection.

You might not think that duct tape sheets are something you need to keep on hand. However, you'd be surprised at just how often these wide width duct tape patches come in handy. The following is just a sampling of the many situations in which a wide duct tape sheet might be applied:

Product Applications:

  • Bandaging damaged fenders or other automotive body parts
  • Racing patches for cars, trucks and other vehicles
  • Plumbing and HVAC repairs
  • Quick patches and repairs for sporting goods
  • Roofing patches and installation
  • Home repairs (furniture, doors, walls, windows, etc.)
  • Patches for plastic sheeting and tarps
  • Severe weather and storm protection

Customers love that wide width duct tape patches give them endless custom options when it comes to repairs and patching. That's because these duct tape sheets can easily be cut to the exact duct tape widths and shape that you need. This creates a better grip since the adhesive remains as a single sheet. In addition, it has a more attractive final look that piecing together strips from a typical roll of duct tape. Shop at FindTape to get a great selection of affordably priced large duct tape patches from trusted brands like JVCC and Nashua.

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