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ATG tape adapters are used together with ATG adhesive applicators. The adapters and applicators, as the term implies, are used to apply ATG tape. The adapter and applicator allows ATG tape to be applied easily while the applicator automatically winds up the liner of the tape as it is used.

ATG (adhesive transfer gun) tapes are popular unsupported acrylic-based tapes. The adhesive is pressure-sensitive and the tape comes pre-applied to a release liner. The tapes are used for picture framing, photo mounting, product assembly, scrapbooking, designing & packaging prototypes, for graphic arts application, for exhibit & POP displays, and for creating strong bongs with paint, most plastics, wood, and glass.

3M Scotch and JVCC are the leading brands for ATG tape adapters and applicators. The most popular ATG tape adapter (which is sold separate from the ATG applicator) in the market is the 3M Scotch 700A ATG Applicator Adapter. The adapter is used with the 3M Scotch 700 ATG Applicator and it allows this applicator to be used with narrower 1/4 inch wide ATG tape (without the adapter the 3M 700 applicator can only be used with 1/2 and 3/4 wide ATG refill rolls). You can purchase individual adapters or save money when you buy in larger quantities. Each case contains four ATG tape adapters.

The 700A adapter allows the 700 applicator to accommodate 1/4 inch wide ATG tape rolls such as 3M Scotch 908 ATG Gold Tape (Acid Neutral), JVCC ATG-7502 ATG Tape (Acid Neutral), 3M Scotch 969 ATG Tape (High Tack), and 3M Scotch 924 ATG Tape. The adapter, as the name implies, is only used for 1/4 inch ATG tape.

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