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Friction tape refers to an adhesive tape that is made from cloth that has been impregnated with an adhesive that is rubber-based. The tape, as the term suggests, is mostly used to enhance friction or grip. Friction tape is referred to as co-adhesive or cohesive because both sides of the tape are sticky allowing it to stick to itself (not to other surfaces), which is what it is designed to do.

Friction tape is ideal as an electrical insulator and it protects from corrosion and liquids. The friction is from the rubber adhesive that is used on the cloth material. One of the most common places that you will find friction tape is around a hockey stick’s blade where it is used for improved puck control. It is also used around a baseball or softball bat's handle for a good grip. Other applications are as handlebar tape in bicycle handlebar for improved grip. Friction tape is typically only available in black and is hand tearable.

One of the most widely used friction tapes that you will find at, is the Scapa 167 Cohesive Friction Tape. The tape is black, has a solvent-free synthetic rubber/inorganic fillers as the adhesive and is set on 100% cotton cloth. The tape adheres to itself and not to other surfaces. Common uses include in wire harnesses spot holding and secondary wrapping during electrical maintenance. It is also used in hockey as a hockey stick blade wrap to give good puck control.

Another popular friction tape that you will find at is Jaybird & Mais 310 Black Friction Blade Tape. Since it is frictioned on both sides with adhesive it can be thought of as a double-sided cloth tape. Durable rubber is used as the adhesive. The tape is used in hockey to give the hockey stick great puck control and to protect the hockey stick blade. The tape is sometimes referred to as the "Gordie Howe" tape.

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