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Polyimide (Kapton alternative) film tape is made to be stable in temperature ranges up to 500°F. The tape has been around for almost 50 years now and is known because of its reliability, durability, and high performance. Its electrical, chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties make it able to withstand extreme temperature and other damaging environments.

The Kapton polyimide tape is used to protect printed circuit board gold finger contacts from molten solder during during hot air wave soldering. The extreme thinness of the tape permits observation of the circuit board during processing and its conformability enables masking of uneven surfaces. The polyimide film tapes are coated with silicone adhesive which has excellent resistance to acids, oils, solvents, aging, staining and water immersion. The adhesive will also thermoset to increase adhesion values. it will leave minimal residue behind when removed after manufacturing process which reduces clean-up time and minimizes rejects.

Other uses of the tape include electrical wiring, semiconductor manufacturing, capacitor and transformer insulation and high temperature masking.

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