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Skived Teflon tape is abrasion resistant, exhibits good strength, and offers a low friction surface. Teflon™ (PTFE film) tapes are very popular today. One of the great advantages of Teflon tape is that they offer maximum slip, lubricity and high temperature resistance.

When buying Skived Teflon tape consider such things as service/operating temperature ranges, the dialectic strength, the elongation, the tensile strength, the thickness, and the adhesion to stainless steel your application requires.

Skived Teflon tape is used in electrical applications such as coil wraps/harness and separators, slot liners, and transformers where heat resistance and insulation is required. Teflon tapes are also used in mechanical applications. Examples include, pressure pads of labeling machines, heat sealing bars and jaws, aircraft mold release and guide rails, chute liners, bearings, anti-friction devices, and forming dies where maximum slip, resistance to high temperatures, and lubricity are needed.

You can currently choose from 3 different Skived Teflon tapes. The JVCC PTFE-2HD High Density Skived Teflon Tape does not confirm as well to irregular surfaces since its elongation is much lower; however it is thin and offers higher dielectric strength than regular skived film of the same thickness. The JVCC PTFE-5 and PTFE-10 Skived Teflon Tape offer regular skived Teflon film in 5 and 10 mil thicknesses.

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