Stretch & Kinesio Athletic Tape

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Athletic stretch tapes are used for many applications where you want to create support, but you also want to achieve a greater range of motion. Lightweight stretch tapes are hand tearable and can be used in conjunction with a white rigid tape for a taping application with memory characteristics. 4500 lightweight black can also be used for black shoe spatting taping applications. Middleweight stretch tape has excellent elastic memory characteristics. Heavyweight stretch is designed for high tensile applications like knee and shoulder taping (can also be used as stirrups for ankle taping applications).
Product Quality Rank Main Characteristics
Victor K-Tape Best Specialty kinesio stretch tape.
5000 Heavyweight Best Short stretch.
7700 Middleweight Best Medium stretch.
4600 Lightweight Best Long stretch.
4500 Lightweight Better Long stretch.
2550 Lightweight Good Long stretch.

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