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Tapes for Scrapbooking offers a variety of engineering-grade reflective tapes at competitive prices.

Whether you need this type of reflective tape for safety applications, entertainment industry needs or another purpose, you'll find that our tapes are durable, reliable and effective. In addition to featuring a high adhesion level, these tapes have reflective capabilities that improve visibility in a variety of conditions. The photometric performance of each tape can be found in under the "Product Description & Specs" tab of each product page. Here, you'll also find additional information about adhesive type, backing type, thickness, application temperature and more.

Engineer-grade reflective tape is known for being especially useful in safety applications. However, that's not the only situation in which these tapes can come in handy. Here's a more complete look at the potential applications for engineering-grade reflective tapes:

Product Applications:

  • Preventing accidental damage to shelves/racks, loading docks and poles
  • Adhering to permanent and temporary traffic signage for added visibility
  • Complying with safety regulations by increasing visibility of vehicles and equipment
  • Entertainment industry applications, such as spike tape or "daytime" glow tape
  • Railroad and bus graphics, sign graphics, commercial and personal vehicle accents, etc.

The ruggedness of engineering-grade reflective tape is what sets it apart from other types of tape. These are tapes that are designed to hold up well in a variety of conditions, including harsh weather and more extreme temperatures. Be sure to check the specifications for each product to make sure the reflective tape you order will meet your needs.

When you order engineering-grade reflective tapes from, you'll be able to specify exactly how many rolls or cases you need. Plus, most products come in a range of colors and sizes to meet your needs. Be sure to bookmark to come back for future purchases of reflective tape, whether you need engineering-grade tape, retroreflective tape, garment reflective trim or other types of reflective tape.

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ISC REF1X24 Black Reflective Tape
ISC REF1X24 Black Reflective Tape
from $8.21 to $9.18

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