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    • JVCC HZ-8 Hazard Warning Tape [6 mils thick]

      JVCC HZ-8 Hazard Warning Tape is a conformable soft PVC vinyl tape used for indoor aisle, exit, floor, restricted and hazardous barrier area marking. It is also used for striping. Helps to comply with OSHA requirements per paragraph 1910.144 of the Federal Register. JVCC HZ-8 striped hazard warning tape features a self-extinguishing synthetic rubber adhesive and it will not corrode copper, brass, steel, or aluminum. Color choices include: Black/yellow which is typically used for physical hazard/caution. Red/white for fire equipment/first aid. Black/white for traffic/housekeeping. Green/white for decorative identification. Magenta/yellow for radiation hazard. The diagonal stripes on the tape are approximately 2-3/4" long (measured at the edge of the roll).

    • JVCC HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct Tape

      JVCC HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct Tape is a high quality polyethylene coated cloth duct tape, featuring a residue free natural rubber adhesive from most surfaces. Striped safety warning duct tape is used for permanent and temporary marking of hazardous areas, floors, aisles, stairs, wires, and cords. HZ-DT1 Hazard Duct Tape is ideal for use in manufacturing, as well as in convention & exhibition halls and residential & commercial sites. Hand-tearable and easy to use and unwind so wide widths can be used. Peels off easily upon removal, leaving no residue on most surfaces.

    • JVCC HZ-8LP Laminated Premium Hazard Warning Tape [9 mils thick]

      JVCC HZ-8LP Laminated Premium Hazard Warning Tape is a PVC vinyl tape with a 2 mil over-lamination. The tape is scuff resistant and it resists oil, grease, solvents and moisture. JVCC HZ-8LP is used for marking fire equipment, exits, hazardous areas, floors and first aid points. It also meets government specification A-A-1689B Type II.

    • Pro Tapes Printed Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape

      Pro Tapes Printed Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape is a custom printed version of Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape. It is printed with either alternating yellow and black stripes or with "Caution Cable" printing on top of alternating yellow and black stripes. It helps to readily identify cable areas which ensures high visibility for greater safety. Also used to cover and protect wire and cable (if cable movement is required after the tape has been applied on top of the wires or cabling please see JVCC Wire-Line or Pro Tapes Cable Path tape). Industry use includes television, audio-visual, rock and roll, trade shows and conventions. Pro-Gaff Caution Cable Gaffers Tape is a premium vinyl cloth tape engineered for use in the most demanding applications. It is water resistant, high temperature and weather resistant, and offers clean removal from wires.

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