Standard & Dull-Finish Tape Sitemap

Standard & Dull-Finish Tape Sitemap

Getting the best performance out of your racecar requires some of these unique types of racing tape from Our selection of racers tapes includes a variety of versatile tapes that can help you drive at the top levels while also making your car look great.

  • ISC X-Flex Crash Repair Racers Tape

    ISC X-Flex Crash Repair Racers Tape is a large sheet of crash repair tape designed for that quick racing repair to get your car back on the track after an accident. Unlike other body repair patches, X-Flex is reinforced with a layer of aluminum, making it very durable and strong. This tape is widely used in the Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck series races. X-Flex Racers Tape has a highly aggressive butyl rubber adhesive that will adhere to any clean surface. X-Flex comes in either 11 inch x 15 inch patches for short track or in 11 inch x 30 inch patches for NASCAR. Available colors are black, white, blue, yellow and red. Please note since X-Flex is paint applied to a reinforced aluminum backing you will sometimes see areas of the silver aluminum underneath the paint. These patches are designed for short-term patch repair however and during that time should still look aesthetically pleasing. Also, the wide width aluminum/butyl rubber combo is extremely difficult to work with and causes wrinkles and gaps in the release liner when the liner is put back on to the tape after the aluminum backing is painted, but it should not affect the performance of the product.

  • ISC Standard-Duty Racer's Tape [Duct Tape]

    ISC Standard-Duty Racer's Tape is a multi-purpose colored duct tape used for many racing applications. It comes in brilliant colors and tears straight and easy. Standard Duty Racers Tape is used for temporary damage repair, securing racing uniforms, and taping body seams in qualifying.

  • ISC Extreme-Duty Racer's Tape [Duct Tape]

    ISC Extreme-Duty Racer's Tape is a highly aggressive and premium heavy-duty duct tape. Extreme Duty Racers Tape has superior tensile strength, a clean release from the roll, and will not non-delaminate. Also sometimes referred to as 100 mph or 200 mph racing tape.

  • ISC Dull-Finish Racer's Tape [Gaffers Tape]

    ISC Dull-Finish Racer's Tape will get you to the finish line every Saturday night. A high-quality gaffers tape on an ISC Racer's Tape branded core, this vinyl coated cloth tape is designed for use in the motorsports industry. With a thickness of 12 mils and high adhesion and tensile strength, it will hold securely while conforming to irregular surfaces. And it's rated to perform at up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so you know it can handle the extreme temperatures and tempers of racing. Racer's tape can be used for marking your pit box, emergency body repairs, tool marking and waterproofing. It comes in a variety of colors with a low gloss finish, so your touch-up work won't stick out unless you want it to. And since it comes off clean, you won't waste time scraping off gummy residue back at the shop. Get a wheel up on the competition today.

  • ISC Neon Standard-Duty Racer's Tape [Duct Tape]

    ISC Neon Standard-Duty Racer's Tape is a multi-purpose neon colored duct tape which comes in 4 brilliant neon colors. Provides a waterproof and dirt resistant seal. ISC Standard Duty Racers Tape conforms to odd shaped surfaces and tears straight and easy.

  • ISC Neon Dull-Finish Racer's Tape [Gaffers Tape]

    You'll be ready for anything a night at the races can throw at you with ISC Neon Dull-Finish Racer's Tape. This low gloss, vinyl coated cloth tape is 12 mils thick with high transfer resistance for great bonding even under the toughest racing conditions. Yet it tears by hand and comes off residue-free, allowing for quick work at the track and in the shop. And your work will stand out in four bright fluorescent colors. ISC Racer's Tape conforms well to irregular surfaces, which you'll encounter plenty of at the track. Use it to mark out your pit area on asphalt or concrete, or to quickly patch up a body panel. You can also mark tools, or use the yellow tape to put a rookie stripe on your rear bumper. Order individual colors or a variety pack and stay on track at every event.

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