Desktop Tape Dispensers Sitemap

Desktop Tape Dispensers Sitemap

Desktop tape dispensers include plastic dispensers to apply stationery and invisible mending tape as well as metal dispensers to help apply clear film and paper artist tape.

  • Excell EX-17 Steel Desk Top Tape Dispenser

    The Excell EX-17 Steel Desk Top Tape Dispenser is an industrial grade steel desk tape dispenser that's made for 3-inch diameter core tape. It can hold up to a 5-inch outside roll diameter, so it's ideal for office supply tapes like JVCC CELLO-1 and film carton sealing packaging tapes like Shurtape HP-500. This steel tape dispenser also fits artist/console tape such as JVCC ART-11. However, full-length cloth tapes like spike and gaffers tapes will be too large to fit this dispenser. Features and Benefits Weighted, rubber lined base that can be removed if you want to mount the unit directly to the work surface or keep it on for additional surface protection. Durable and rust-proof serrated blade able to cut through tape up to 3 mils thick Safety guard over the serrated blade - easily push back the guard to cut your tape Sturdy metal base construction NOTE: The 1-inch Excell EX-17 dispenser fits one 1-inch wide tape roll and is available with a padded foam base only. The 2-inch Excell EX-17 dispenser comes with two 1-inch wide rollers so you can use the dispenser for one 2-inch wide roll or two individual 1-inch wide tape rolls. The 2-inch EX-17 dispenser is available in either a padded foam base or a suction cup base. Please make sure to choose your base preference when ordering your dispenser. The 3-inch Excell EX-17 dispenser comes with three 1-inch wide rollers so you can use the dispenser for one 3-inch wide roll or three individual 1-inch wide tape rolls or one 2-inch wide roll and one 1-inch wide roll. The approximate dimensions of the 3-inch dispenser are 3-7/8 inches wide by 9 inches long by 4 inches high. The 3-inch EX-17 dispenser is available in either a padded foam base or a suction cup base. Please make sure to choose your base preference when ordering your dispenser. Please see the Excell EX-17-RP product for replacement blades and spools for these dispensers.

  • Excell ET-377 Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

    The Excell ET-377 Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser is a manual, pull and tear type tape dispenser for use with gummed (AKA water-activated) paper tape rolls up to 3 inches wide. The durable, metal construction of the Excell ET-377 offers a sturdy dispenser, designed to sit on a desktop and manually dispense water-activated tape. The plastic water bottle allows for easy water level monitoring to ensure the brush is moist for consistent performance. Product Features Designed to be used with water-activated gum tape For use with tape rolls up to 3 inches (77mm) wide Easily monitor the water level

  • Excell LD-818 Table Top Label Dispenser

    With a working width of up to 8-1/2 inches, the Excell LD-818 Table Top Label Dispenser can accommodate single or multiple rolls of labels. The Excell LD 818 dispenser is easy to use, has solid metal construction and is designed specifically for bench or desktop use. To dispense the label simply pull the liner of the desired label and the label will be fed forward for easy picking. Label roll dividers keep rolls upright and fit multiple widths on the one unit. The Excell LD-818 Label Dispenser is perfect for food service, shipping rooms, retail, industrial applications and anywhere a simple label dispenser is needed. It can accommodate tape rolls with up to a 3-inch core diameter. Can accommodate a label roll with a maximum outside diameter of up to 6-1/4 inches. Works best with labels on a solid release liner; not as well with labels on a perforated release liner. Special Features Solid metal construction Metal label separator - automatically peels the label from the liner Suction cups on the base for easy mounting Pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting Natural rubber roller Anti-rust blade

  • Excell ET-81 Extra Wide Bench Tape Dispenser

    The Excell ET-81 Extra Wide Bench Tape Dispensers are an excellent solution to any application where multi-roll tapes are required. The Excell ET-81 Dispensers feature heavy duty metal construction and have a wide cutting surface for quick and easy use. The C-clamp included with each dispenser ensures a fast and secure mount to a desktop, workstation or angled surface. The Excell ET-12281 Dispenser fits tape rolls with 3-inch core diameter and up to 2-inch width. The Excell ET-13381 Dispenser fits tape rolls with 3-inch core diameter and up to 3-inch width. Features Desktop or workstation model ET-12281: Use with 1 - 2" tape roll OR with 2 - 1" tape rolls ET-13381: Use with 1 - 3" tape roll OR with 3 - 1" tape rolls OR with 1 - 2" tape roll plus 1 - 1" tape roll C-clamp included to mount your dispenser to any workstation (has maximum gap opening of 2-1/4 inches) Heavy-duty metal construction Wide cutting surface increases efficiency Anti-rust blade

  • JVCC EX-4M Quadruple-Roll Steel Desktop Tape Dispenser

    JVCC EX-4M Quadruple-Roll Steel Desktop Tape Dispenser is a heavy-duty desktop dispenser with separate spools & blades for four rolls. Each roll can be up to 1 inch wide and the core size the spools will work with are 3 inch diameter cores. This dispenser is designed for either single-sided tape or double-sided film tape. The maximum outside diameter (OD) is 5 inches on 2 rollers and 6 inches on the remaining 2 rollers. The JVCC EX-4M dispenser is offered in two different blade systems: razor blades (RB) or toothed blades (TB). The blades can be individually changed or replaced as needed. If want to configure a dual blade system please see the JVCC EX-4M-RP replacement parts to order individual razor or toothed blades for this system. This versatile dispenser is designed for fast access to a variety of tapes with different carriers, widths, colors, thicknesses and/or prints. Features & Benefits Heavy (9 pound) 4mm thick steel frame eliminates the need for added weight/sand for stability. Coated with epoxy–polyester powder paint for durability. Soft rubber padding on the bottom helps prevent unit from sliding or scratching desktops. Each core holder functions independently for quicker, easier tape replacement. Uses & Applications Great for production departments, design & architectural firms. The EX-4M with razor blades is primarily designed for thin films such as OPP & PVC where a precise, straight cut is required. Ideal for use in the graphics field. The EX-4M with toothed blades can be used with a wider variety of tapes, including (but not limited to) filament tapes, paper tapes, PVC & OPP films, as well as some double coated tapes.

  • JVCC DLM0300 Definite Length Tape Dispenser [Manual]

    JVCC DLM0300 Definite Length Tape Dispenser is a manual-feed definite-length pressure sensitive tape dispenser with a hand lever. It dispenses tape from widths of 1/4" to 1". It offers definite lengths from 1/2" to 4" with a single pull. Tape is cut by pulling upwards across a serrated blade. Moveable blade holder for easy tape loading. Heavy base for stability. Maximum roll outside diameter is 4-3/4" and holds tapes on a 3" diameter core. CM0300 is recommended for BOPP and some polyester film tapes to 3.5 mil thick. Also for crepe paper masking and some flatback paper tapes. It is not suitable for thick films, stretchy films (vinyls), or foil tapes. Helps to save on tape costs by always dispensing just the minimum length you need to get the job done. Great for retail establishments like deli and sub shops. Usage Instructions Remove the core holder from the dispenser, load tape, and place the core holder back on the dispenser. Open the cover plate door on top of the dispenser and set the tapes leading edge on the rollers. Ensure that the leading edge of the tape is flat and close the cover plate door. Adjust the manual tape dispenser lever by setting the arm to the desired length. Accomplish this by loosening the knob on the lever and position the arm higher up to obtain a longer length. Tighten the knob to set at the dispensed length. There is no gauge on this dispenser. Need to set length via trial and error on arm height for the first time. Press down on the dispenser's lever to dispense the tape at a consistent length. Pull the dispensed tape in an upward motion to cut the tape.

  • Excell ET-19125 Desk Tape Dispenser [Dual Core]

    Excell ET-19125 Dual Core Tape Dispensers have a sand weighted base to enable one-handed operation and a rubber base to protect your desktop or workstation surface. The Excell ET-19125 dispenser can be used for tape on either a 1-inch or a 3-inch diameter core (each dispenser comes with both size core holders). The maximum roll diameter the dispensers can hold is 5-inches, so it works great for office supply tapes. The dispenser can accept a roll of tape up to 1-inch in width. The Excell ET-19125 features an integrated pencil holder and has an anti-rust blade. Special Features Maximum tape roll diameter of 5-inches Two size - 1-inch AND 3-inch - cores integrated into one core Sand weighted base enables one-handed operation Rubber pad on the base protects your work surface from scratches Integrated pencil holder Anti-rust blade

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