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Gaffer-Style Duct Tape (Low Residue, Low Gloss) Sitemap

Gaffer-style duct tape, sometimes referred to as AV cord tape, offers low adhesive residue properties and/or low-gloss properties and is great to have on hand anywhere you're dealing with audio/visual wires that need to be temporarily secured.

  • JVCC J90 Low Gloss Gaffer-Style Duct Tape

    JVCC J90 Low-Gloss Gaffer-Style Duct Tape is a matte-finish polyethylene coated cloth tape with a residue-free adhesive that's well-suited for a wide range of applications where low visibility is required. Unlike traditional polyethylene-coated duct tape, JVCC J90 tape offers a matte finish, but it's still slightly shinier than vinyl-coated gaffers tape. This tape, which is commonly referred to as AV cord tape, is a must for protecting, bundling and anchoring wires in film and TV, conventions, exhibitions, photography studios, DJs, music venues and more, because it won't leave behind any residue when removed. Additionally, it offers excellent conformation to irregular surfaces and is resistant to water, vapor and abrasions. Please note that does not recommend this type of duct tape for carpeting or vertical surface application due to its lower adhesion. Product Applications Protecting and anchoring wires and cables Sealing of equipment cases and film canisters Marking and spiking placement on stage Bookbinding

  • tesa 53949 Low Gloss Gaffer-Style Duct Tape

    tesa 53949 Low-Gloss Gaffer-Style Duct Tape is a matte gaffer style tape specially designed for the arts and entertainment industry. This tape consists of a polyethylene (PE) coated, 80-mesh woven polyester fabric backing, coated with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. tesa 53949 is a great solution for a wide range of applications whenever a non-reflective surface is important. Gaffers tape has long been the industry standard due to its low-gloss finish, clean removal, no-residue, and its ability to conform to odd shapes. A common application for tesa 53949 Low-Gloss Gaffer-Style Duct Tape is securing cables to a stage floor, podium, or other surfaces, either for safety or concealment. It is also frequently used whenever a quick fix is required, from temporarily attaching fixtures or props, to salvaging a broken piece of production equipment. Features and Benefits Light-absorbing, non-reflective Good adhesion - even on uneven surfaces Abrasion resistant Water repellent Applications On-stage/back-stage jobs in theatre, opera, cinema and music halls Fixing of cables on carpets and walls Cover shiny and glossy surfaces Fix cable joints and seams Floor marking

  • JVCC DT-ENT Fluorescent Duct Tape

    JVCC DT-ENT Fluorescent Duct Tape is a high-quality polyethylene-coated cloth coated with a natural rubber with synthetic resin adhesive available in fluorescent neon colors (green, orange, pink and yellow). It is a good performance duct tape specifically designed for night amusement entertainment industry such as night club, karaoke and music hall or show window that is used under black light. Can also be used for other contractor applications as well as floor marking, color coding and labeling. Please note orange, pink and yellow will fluoresce better under a black light than green. Also, this is not a glow-in-the-dark tape so it will not photoluminesce. Features & Benefits Easy tear and unwinding. Excellent shear values. It's water resistant adhesive system allows this product to bond to almost any surface, including some porous surfaces.

  • Duck Brand No Residue Duck Tape

    Duck Brand No Residue Duck Tape is a duct tape where the potential for sticky residue left behind on surfaces once the tape is removed has been eliminated. It's great for temporary applications when you want the aggressive adhesion of duct tape without the messy residue that's normally left behind. Use this tape in your home, office or classroom for securing cords and mats, or even use outdoors. This duct tape's waterproof backing provides long-lasting durability for outdoor DIY or repair projects. Tested to remove cleaning from most opaque surfaces for up to 6 months and tears easily by hand for quick repairs.

  • JVCC J70-WL Cable Zone Duct Tape

    Protect your cables from damage - and from damaging others - with JVCC J70-WL Cable Zone Duct Tape. This black and yellow striped duct tape has a non-adhesive, plastic-coated center length that creates a zone for cables, cords and wires, holding them in position without leaving any gummy residue. In addition to securing cables, it helps alert others to their presence to reduce accidental tripping and unplugging. Cable tape is ideal for use in theaters, convention centers, concert halls, garages and other places that combine large amounts of cable and wire with frequent visitors. Each roll of polyethylene coated cloth tape removes cleanly from most surfaces, is rated for use at temperatures between -31 and 176 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum performance in all conditions, and can easily be torn by hand for quick installation.

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