Hockey Tape Sitemap

Hockey Tape Sitemap

Hockey tape includes tape for all aspects of ice hockey. can supply friction tape for blades, multi-purpose hockey tape for socks, pads and hockey sticks, clear poly tape for socks and shin pads; and grip tape for hockey blades.

  • Jaybird & Mais 299 Hockey Tape

    Jaybird & Mais 299 Hockey Tape is a multi-purpose hockey tape manufactured using first quality woven cloth fabrics. It is coated with an aggressive rubber adhesive system which bonds well to socks, pads and hockey sticks. #299 tapes are hand tearable, and boast excellent tensile strength. Jaybird & Mais Hockey Tape is recommended for all styles of hockey sticks, including composites (it can also be used for other sports such as lacrosse, baseball and softball). Can also be used as novelty item or for decoration. Everyone has their own color preference - some players think black tape on the blade of the stick hides the puck better while some think white tape is for skilled stick handlers because they can see the puck better on their stick. We offer 12 different colors/patterns so you can decide yourself. Royal blue is above navy blue and gold is above bright yellow in the group photo.

  • Jaybird & Mais 6000 Jayco Co-Adhesive Grip Tape

    Jaybird & Mais 6000 Jayco Co-Adhesive Grip Tape is a dry to the touch co-adhesive stretch grip tape which will not leave residue on glove palms. Jaybird & Mais Grip Tape bonds to itself to make perfect custom stick handles. This tape is used to lessen wear on hockey gloves and helps to improve stick control. Also good for drumsticks, wooden baseball bats and other items to improve handling. Please note that Jaybird has recently changed suppliers for the 6000 product and newer lots look more like the Jaybird 2153 product. Jaybird 6000 is typically either shipped on a plain white core or a "Made in America" core.

  • 3M Scotch GM Gripping Tape

    3M Scotch GM Gripping Material Tape consists of a high-friction surface with a thin flexible backing and acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with liner. The tape can increase traction, reduce slip, and improve grip even in wet, and oily conditions. When used alone on a single surface, 3M gripping material provides a strong secure grip. When mated in a two-part system, for example on a glove and a handlebar grip, strength is maximized. Designed for peel and stick applications. As firmly as 3M gripping material holds, it releases just as easily. Performs across a broad range of temperatures ranges both indoors and outdoors. Markets served include sports, leisure, medical, construction, marine, general industrial, military and government. Based on 3M’s proprietary micro-replicated technology to add thousands of micro gripping fingers on one side of a flexible backing to enhance control and improve gripping performance. will increase holding power while using less force so helps decrease fatigue. 3M GM400 black and GM731 clear are both firm (very high tactility), adhesive backed gripping material which offers abrasion and puncture resistance . They offer very high durability, very high chemical resistance, and very high friction when mated (lower when unmated). 3M GM631 grey is an very soft (very low tactility) gripping material which offers some abrasion and puncture resistance. It has lower durability, lower chemical resistance, but offers the highest level of friction when unmated in dry or wet conditions. GM400 black offers very high UV resistance, GM731 clear above average UV resistance, and GM631 grey average UV resistance. Uses & Applications Truck, forklift, and auto steering wheels. Snow ski poles. Hula hoops. Handrails and wheelchair handles. Smart phone cases. Water sport paddle handles. Bicycle handles. Industrial tool handles and levers. Fishing rods. Power and garden tool handles. Weight lifting equipment handles. Snow blower grips. Features & Benefits Offers ultra high durability and high coefficient of friction properties when mated and low coefficient of friction when non-mated. Thousands of gripping fingers offer the ability to grip lighter and hold tighter, even in wet and oily conditions. Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including hard-to-bond-to surfaces such as low surface energy plastics, powder coated paints, and lightly oiled metals. Slip resistant, vibration dampening, and easy release properties.

  • Jaybird & Mais 320 Clear Poly Hockey Sock Tape

    Jaybird & Mais 320 Clear Poly Hockey Sock Tape is a 6 mil gauge poly sock/shin pad tape. It is transparent so it will not conceal uniform colors. It also has excellent stretch properties for applying over shin pads with desired tension and will conform well for a tight fit. This clear poly hockey tape is hand tearable. Jaybird 320 is typically either shipped on a plain white core or a "Made in Canada" core. Jaybird also recently changed the color (it is clearer now) and the stretch value of the product.

  • Duck Brand Friction Tape [Cohesive]

    Duck Brand Friction Tape is used if you want to get a better grip on your tools, sports equipment or other handles that may have lost their grip. Duck® Brand Friction Tape covers slick hand-holds and adds supportive grip to cables, wires and other materials needing increased surface texture. With its aggressive adhesion and ability to tightly wrap and overlap most held surfaces, it’s ideal for every toolbox or sports bag. Plus, its discreet black color goes great with whatever you can get your hands on. The tape is referred to as friction tape since its cotton cloth carrier is frictioned on both sides with an adhesive (the tape is designed to adhere best to itself, not to other surfaces).

  • JVCC ST-1 Poly Sock Tape

    JVCC ST-1 Poly Sock Tape is a polyethylene film sock/shin pad tape. It can be applied over hockey shin pads with desired tension and it conforms well which creates a tight fit. It is also hand tearable and features a low residue adhesive. Comes in black, blue, clear, red and white.

  • Jaybird & Mais 310 Black Friction Blade Tape

    Jaybird & Mais 310 Black Friction Blade Tape is a double-sided black cloth tape designed to be used on hockey stick blades for greater puck control and blade protection. Jaybird & Mais 310 is a co-adhesive tape frictioned on both sides with an ultra durable black rubber adhesive (the tape is designed to adhere to itself, not other surfaces). Sometimes referred to as "Gordie Howe" tape.

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