Zone-Coated Cable Path Tape Sitemap

Zone-Coated Cable Path Tape Sitemap

At, you can purchase high-quality zone-coated cable path tape for your next film production, Open Mic night, or another occasion that requires controlled movement wires and cables. This gaffers tape variant includes an adhesive-free zone in the center of the tape, allowing you to easily pull cable through.

  • Pro Tapes Cable-Path Cable Path Tape

    Easily advance cable with Pro Tapes Cable Path Tape. This is a zone-coated gaffers tape with a smooth center portion that allows you to easily feed through cable and wire without binding. This is a premium-grade, vinyl-coated cable tunnel tape treated on both edges with a cured rubber adhesive system for firm holding for long periods of time. Additionally, it's made for residue-free removal and has a matte gaffer backing for easy tearing and low light reflectivity. You can easily hand-tear the cable tape for quick adhesion. If you do not need to freely move the cable and wire after the tape has been applied or if you need high-visibility cable securing, you can purchase this tape in yellow and black stripes from FindTape. Product Applications Cable advancement and protection Safely alert pedestrians to the presence of cables on the floor

  • JVCC Wire-Line Cable Cover Tape

    Do you need to safely and securely cover cables and wires? JVCC Wire-Line Cable Cover Tape is the perfect solution. This heavy-duty tape features an interior portion that's free of adhesive so it's easy to thread the wires for free motion underneath. This premium-grade zone coated gaffers tape does not leave behind any film or residue. Since it's residue-free, it's the perfect wire concealer tape for film, television, conventions and trade shows, A/V and entertainment applications. JVCC cable cover tape lets you set up temporarily protected wiring and then tear it down cleanly with zero surface damage. This wire-line cable cover tape is 12-mil and provides 50 ounces per inch of adhesion, so it will stick to most surfaces at your special event. FindTape offers JVCC wire-line tape in 4-inch wide rolls. This tape is constructed from Scapa 225 source material. Product Applications Exhibitions Conventions Trade shows Special events Film production sets Concerts TV production sets Photography studios Hide wiring on basement floors

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