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Removable & Differential Adhesion Tapes Sitemap

When you want tape that's strong and durable yet not for permanent use, these removable and differential adhesion tapes come to the rescue. Each of these tapes can be removed and/or repositioned as needed. You still get a strong, reliable hold, but you don't have to deal with damaged surfaces or messy cleanup once you decide the tape's work is done. Unsticking the things you've taped is simple, quick and hassle-free when you use differential adhesion or removable tape.

  • Bostik Blu-Tack Reusable Adhesive

    Bostik Blu-Tack, the original reusable adhesive, can be formed into any desired shape. It stays permanently plastic and pliable, and each package comes with strips for easy use. You can choose from an all-blue pack or a multi-colored pack. The blue pack has 4 strips, each approximately .75 inches wide by 8 inches long. In the mixed color pack, there are 5 strips (yellow, blue, orange, green and pink), and each strip is approximately .5 inches wide by 8 inches long. Features and Benefits Can be used on various surfaces - non-porous, painted, vinyl coated wallpaper, metal, glass and more Removable by dabbing or rolling with another blob of Blu-Tack Putty presses on and rolls off Product Applications Keep pictures from moving around on walls Leave notes on doors Stick up posters Seal around doors and windows Hold candles (as alternative candle holders) Remove hair and dust from clothing Create 3-dimensional models Hold figurines in place on a window sill Attach screw to screwdriver for tight, hard-to-reach places Modeling Pick up dropped nails or screws Reduce noise vibration Clean computer keys Hold markers in place on white board Secure speakers on speaker stands Graphite eraser or magnet Hold end of measuring tape on wall for long measurements

  • Polyken 105C Multi-Purpose Double Coated Carpet Tape

    For a premium quality, double-sided tape on a cloth carrier that can be removed cleanly from most surfaces with no leftover residue, choose Polyken 105C. The residue-free easy removal feature makes the tape popular as a temporary flooring and carpet hold-down in exhibition and convention halls. It's the perfect answer when you need short-term special event flooring and have to leave a clean surface behind. Polyken 105C multi-purpose double-coated carpet tape, otherwise known as a double-sided gaffers tape, will give you as much as 40 ounces per inch of peel adhesion. This powerful tape can even be used as a lint roller for picking up microscopic residue and dirt. Polyken 105C carpet tape comes on a blue film liner for added visibility when used over a large area. For smaller projects, try Polyken 105C-P. Product Applications Hold down carpeting, especially for exhibition halls and conventions General holding and mounting (signs, posters, temporary decorations, etc.) Lint roller alternative - pulls up loose surface residue Aircraft manufacturing Construction Hold plastic drop cloths in place while painting Temporary holding for industrial use Hold aluminum and carbon fiber to router table Holds templates down to wood boards for router work Keep area rugs and runners from slipping on hardwood floors Re-attach inside trim of plastic window frames Attach carpet treads on stairs Prevent cats from scratching upholstery (won't damage cloth) Holds an exercise mat securely on top of carpeting Note: Before applying this double-coated tape to a surface area, first test it in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure that it can be removed as desired. This tape is designed to not leave adhesive residue behind. However, depending on certain conditions such as chemical cleaners used on the floor, length of time and the substrate's composition, it may still pull up loose debris or finish from the surface.

  • FindTape DC-TP Double-Sided Tape Test Pack

    We currently stock a variety of double-sided tapes including ones on carriers such as polyester, polypropylene and PVC film; tissue; crepe and flatback paper; polyethylene foam; cloth and scrim; and foamed and solid acrylic polymers. You can also choose from tape coated with rubber or acrylic adhesive. And that is why we are offering our Double-Sided Tape Test Pack which will allow you to test 12 different varieties of double-sided tape at a reasonable price. We've also labeled each roll with the product number for easy reference. The pack includes a 3 yard roll of 1" for the following two-sided tapes: Polyken 105C-P (cloth / rubber adhesive) JVCC DC-4199CS (polyester film / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-1503 (polypropylene film / rubber adhesive) JVCC DC-4420LB (clear PVC film / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DCP-01 (crepe paper / rubber adhesive) JVCC DCP-02 (crepe paper / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DCP-04 (flatback paper / rubber adhesive) JVCC DCT-40R (tissue / rubber adhesive) JVCC DC-SCRIM-9 (polyester scrim / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-PEF06A (polyethylene foam / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-UHB45FA-G (foamed acrylic / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-UHB45 (solid acrylic / acrylic adhesive)

  • Shurtape DF-545 Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape

    Shurtape DF-545 is popular in the hospitality and convention industries for temporary carpet adhesion. This double-coated cloth carpet tape is perfect for special events, as it provides easy cleanup with residue-free removal. Shurtape DF-545 is specially engineered, made from both synthetic and natural rubber for excellent adhesion to hardwood floors, tiles, concrete and other irregular surfaces. Its poly laminate layer ensures high tensile strength that holds up in demanding applications such as construction, convention halls and abatement. Shurtape DF-545 cloth carpet tape comes on a blue film release liner which won't tear when applied over a large area. FindTape offers this heavy-duty carpet tape in various roll sizes. Product Applications General purpose uses in construction and maintenance Temporary carpet adhesion for hospitality and convention events Hanging poly sheeting in mold/asbestos remediation Splicing applications Temporary adhesion to flooring in exhibition halls, conventions and other special events Tape materials to CNC machine during machining Hold material in place for woodworking projects Secure artwork on walls Holds carpet to carpet Keeps cats from scratching furniture Secure rubber gym flooring to keep in place Keeps foyer, hallway and stair runners from slipping Join together pieces of material for a photo shoot

  • Polyken 105C-P Multi-Purpose Double Coated Carpet Tape [Paper Liner]

    Polyken 105-C Multi-Purpose Double-Coated Carpet Tape will do more than just hold down carpets. It's also great for mounting and hanging plastic sheeting. This double-faced cloth reinforced tape comes on a blue color film liner, which makes it ideal for applying over larger areas. It provides a simpler installation than film-backed tape, and can be used in entertainment, hospitality, special event planning and other industries. Polyken 105-C has high tensile strength of 40 ounces per inch of peel adhesion, and it also removes easily with no leftover residue. Use it for any job that requires high-strength adhesion. It also contains low VOCs and can help satisfy the EQ 4.1 Credit under LEED®. We carry Polyken double-coated carpet tape in .5 inch to 4 inch wide and various length size rolls. Product Applications Carpet hold-down and mounting (frequently used to replace carpet strips) Secure a garment to a pallet for screen printing instead of spray adhesive Hang or seam polyethylene sheets for abatement or construction Temporary holding for industrial use Keep area rugs securely in place Attach sofa arm covers to keep protection in place Reattach inside trim of plastic window frames Attach carpet treads to stairs Mount signs FindTape has all the specialty tape you need for great low prices. You'll find a huge selection of high-quality double-sided tape, gaffers tape, safety tape, electrical tape, vinyl tape and much more. If you have any questions about these tapes and their uses email us at

  • 3M Scotch Command Picture Hanging Strips [Removable]

    3M Scotch Command™ Picture Hanging Strips make damage-free decorating quick and easy on a variety of surfaces. One click tells you Picture Hanging Strips are locked in and holding tight. Best of all, when you are ready to take down or move your pictures, they come off cleanly - no nail holes, cracked plaster or sticky residue. Command™ Picture Hanging Strips come in three sizes: Small strips hold most 8" x 10" frames (1 pound per strip set), medium strips hold most 18" x 24" frames (3 pounds per strip set) and large strips hold most 24" x 36" frames (4 pounds per strip set). Too see product video click here.

  • Scapa S305 Double Coated Removable/Permanent Tape

    Are you looking for a premium double-coated removable and permanent tape for a temporary bonding application? Scapa Dublfilm® is a smart solution. Scapa Dublfilm S305 is a polyester film that's double-coated with a removable acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on the liner side for low tack, and a powerful permanent rubber adhesive on the exposed side for high tack. Scapa S305 is recommended for temporary bonding, such as temporary labels and decals and protective padding. This smooth tape is easy to use, removing cleanly from high gloss paint systems, glass, metal and other surfaces. S305 double-coated tape has exceptional aging properties and is resistant to heat. Product Applications Protective padding - laminate to foams and felts for transport Temporary decals and labels Temporary artwork mounting Protective packaging The polyester film carrier adds stability and dimensional strength, and the tape is supplied with a 60-pound tan polycoated release liner. Note that the liner side is the portion of exposed tape underneath the liner, and the exposed side is the tape that's visible when you unwind it from the roll. Note: Removability does not apply to aluminum surfaces.

  • Scapa 174 Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape

    Perfect for temporary carpet hold-down and aggressive adhesion for mounting in machining, conventions, hospitality, entertainment and more, Scapa 174 Double-Coated Cloth Carpet Tape leaves no residue on most surfaces. It's a high-quality woven cotton cloth tape featuring an aggressive natural rubber adhesive on both sides to provide excellent adhesion (50 ounces per inch) without stubborn residue. carries Scapa 174 carpet tape in multiple widths, lengths and quantities to meet your particular job and budget requirements. Please note that we always recommend testing tape in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it adheres properly and doesn't pull up substrates, debris or finishes from the surface of the flooring. Product Applications Temporary mounting for machining or assembly operations Print plate mounting Heavy-duty carpet hold-down in conventions, entertainment, etc.

  • Shurtape DS-154 Double-Sided Containment Tape

    Professional grade Shurtape DS-154 Double-Sided Containment Tape is designed for creating high-performance containment systems. It is ideal when used for cleaning, mold remediation, sanding, asbestos removal, painting and more as part of abatement, restoration and remodeling projects. Shurtape DS-154 tape has a premium painter's tape adhesive on one side that provides clean removal after up to 21 days from many different surfaces. On the other side, there's an aggressive adhesive that will hold a variety of protective coverings for up to 2 weeks. It's a single-step, single-tape solution for your most challenging remediation or renovation projects. Features and Benefits Holds strong in dry and wet environments Conforms to uneven surfaces Differential adhesive system Can be torn by hand and repositioned Easily and quickly removable Good for light duty dust control Won't damage wall surfaces Project Applications High-performance containment system for: Painting Sanding Mold remediation Asbestos removal Cleaning Securely holds: Tarps Poly-sheeting Other protective coverings

  • JVCC DCC2ND Double Coated Carpet Tape Seconds

    JVCC Double-Coated Carpet Tape (JVCC DCC2ND) is a double-sided cloth carpet tape offering residue-free removal from most surfaces and adheres well to carpet. Please note that this is an overstock item which is sold as-is and cannot be returned. Because it is an as-is item, you might see defects such as wrinkles, splices and uneven winding. Blue color film release liner rolls are typically shipped on painted black cores and white paper release liner rolls on neutral cores. Our overstock inventory is limited, so stock up today at this great price! offers JVCC DCC2ND in two options: natural with a blue film liner and natural with a white paper liner. Product Applications Temporary adhesion of carpeting General purpose uses in maintenance and construction Hanging poly sheeting in mold/asbestos remediation Temporary adhesion to flooring in conventions, exhibitions, etc.

  • Scapa 274 Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape [Differential Adhesion]

    Scapa 274 Double-Coated Cloth Carpet Tape is a woven cotton cloth tape that has been coated with an aggressive natural rubber adhesive on the liner side and then coated with a less adhesive rubber on the exposed side. This way, you can get secure adhesion (40 ounces per inch) to carpeting with clean, residue-free removal from the existing flooring. This differentially coated double-sided carpet tape is commonly used in the convention and exhibition industries for tasks such as temporarily laying carpeting on tile and other types of flooring, because the aggressive rubber adhesive is particularly suited for carpet adhesion, while the backing leaves behind a clean surface when you're done. offers Scapa 274 Double-Coated Cloth Carpet Tape by the roll or case to meet your unique needs. We have many types of removable cloth carpet tape in our store. Product Applications Laying of carpet on tile and other flooring in the convention industry Carpet installation Temporary mounting for assembly, machining, etc. Print plate mounting General purpose uses in maintenance and construction

  • Scapa 0485 Rubber Adhesive Strip Tape [Solvent-Free]

    Scapa 0485 Rubber Adhesive Strip Tape is a very tacky rubber resin transfer tape. Its unique transferable adhesive sticks to almost anything, even when in wet or low temperature conditions. Also referred to as a Toffee Tape. This product is an ideal choice for all your general-purpose mounting and bonding applications. Even works great on hard to bond to substrates like glitter paper (see alternative photos to see us trying to remove the invitation from the glitter paper). To remove the tape don't try and ball it up; instead pull on the tape to stretch it out lengthwise away from whatever it is stuck to (removes like 3M Command Tape). Should not be used where good chemical resistance is required though. Uses & Applications Bonding lightweight wall insulation panels and kickplates. Securing flooring materials such as carpeting, tile and threshold strips. Joining of plastic sheeting and filter membranes. Fixing of edgings, sheeting, signs and displays. Bonding trim and fabrics during furniture construction. Bonding interior padding in protective headgear. Mounting posters and other lightweight items on walls. Features & Benefits Easy-to-peel oversized liner (the liner on the tape is extended so there is a 1/4 inch dry ungummed edge at both sides of the tape so the 3/4 inch tape will actually come as 1-1/4 inches since there is a 1/4 inch dry edge at both the top and bottom. Clean, easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives. If want to cut tape with a scissors hold tape very taught when cutting to get a nice clean edge. Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive offers excellent bond strength. Non-hardening and permanently flexible. Non-cured (NC) adhesive so it requires no cure time. Solvent free, therefore no fumes. Forms a strong waterproof bond.

  • Pro Tapes UGlu Industrial Adhesive Tape (formerly MACtac)

    Pro Tapes UGlu Industrial Adhesive Tape is a double-sided adhesive transfer tape which combines the strength of adhesive with the convenience and ease of tape. UGlu bonds even rough and uneven surfaces instantly, without the wait, mess or hassle of liquid glue. Use for craft and kid projects, house repair and other outdoor jobs. Other features of UGlu include: Can be cut to size (clean scissors with baby or vegetable oil prior to cutting). Waterproof & weatherproof. Holds up to 2 pounds. Instant bond & permanent hold. Easy-to-peel oversized liner (the liner on the tape is extended so there is a 1/4 inch dry ungummed edge at both sides of the tape so the 1 inch tape will actually come as 1-1/2 inches since there is a 1/4 inch dry edge at both the top and the bottom). Non-toxic & acid free. Made in the USA. UGlu Industrial bonds to carpet, canvas, fabrics, plastics, laminates, metal, glass, paper, wood, fiberglass, tile, granite, cement, ceiling tile, craft-foam, ceramics, drywall, foam board, etc. It should not be used on any type of wallpaper covered surfaces. To remove UGlu roll a corner of the adhesive until you have enough to grab and hold. Then pull SLOWLY away from the adhesive strip, do not pull directly up or across the surface of the remaining adhesive. If you pull too quickly the UGlu may break or snap-off. Please note removable tape is designed to not leave adhesive residue behind; however it may still pull up loose debris, finish, etc. from a substrate it is applied to depending on many conditions such as length of time applied, chemicals used to clean the substrate, and the composition of the substrate itself. We always recommend testing first on an inconspicuous area to ensure it removes as desired.

  • Nashua CleanDrape Double-Sided Abatement / Sheeting Tape

    Nashua CleanDrape Double-Sided Abatement Tape has a multi-layer cloth & paper construction which provides the strength of a duct tape with the clean removability of a painters masking tape. Used to hang poly sheeting to a variety of surfaces such as wood, glass, aluminum, plastics, and vinyl during painting, sanding, construction, remodeling, mold and asbestos abatement applications. Its blue side offers clean removal for up to 14 days on a variety of surfaces such as drywall. Rubber-based adhesive provides a strong bond to poly sheeting. CleanDrape sheeting tape is also hand tearable and durable like duct tape. Also referred to as "set tape" or "location tape".

  • JVCC DC-4016R/P Double Coated Removable/Permanent Tape [Acrylic Adhesive]

    JVCC DC-4016R/P Double Coated Removable/Permanent Tape is a clear polyester film differentially coated with a removable (low tack) and permanent (high tack) acrylic adhesive. The liner side (the tape exposed once you remove the liner) is coated with a controlled, low tack, clear adhesive system which exhibits moderate adhesion to a variety of surfaces, but has excellent removability. The exposed side (the tape visible once you unwind it from the roll) is coated with an aggressive, high tack, peel, and shear, acrylic adhesive. Both adhesives are excellent in low and moderate temperatures and are resistant to UV, moisture, some solvents, mild acids, oil, and grease. Excellent adhesion to metals, glass, films, paper, and some treated polyolefin. JVCC DC-4016R/P double-sided removable/permanent tape is used as a closure system for reclosable bags, pouches & envelopes; core start-ups and end tabbing of papers, foils and films; mounting promotional, advertising & point of purchase displays that can easily be removed / replaced / repositioned; temporary holding of packaging and protective materials during shipment; temporary laminating applications; making removable stickers & labels. This tape performs best on non-porous surfaces, such as paper, however it will also remove cleanly from many porous surfaces, such as non-woven. Testing is strongly recommended. Also approved for Indirect Food Contact (21CFR 175.105).

  • Polyken 108FR Flame Retardant Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape

    Polyken 108FR Flame Retardant Double Coated Cloth Carpet Tape is a double-sided cloth tape with flame retardant synthetic rubber adhesive. It is designed with a flame retardant cotton cloth and synthetic adhesive system that complies with F.A.R. 25.853(a). Applications for Polyken 108 Double-Coated Carpet Tape include carpet installation on interior floors and on stairs of aircraft. It is used by companies such as Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed, major national and international airlines, as well as refurbishers. Polyken 108PE and Polyken 108FR is the same as Polyken 108 and just refers to the fact that the rolls ship with a PE (Polyethylene) release liner and is FR (Flame Retardant). Polyken 108FR natural rolls are cut from logs so various widths are available for purchase (the logs ship on standard Polyken cores). Polyken 108FR black comes pre-slit from Polyken so only the 2-inch wide size is available (Polyken ships them on cores labeled as Polyken 108). Features & Benefits Repositionable adhesive for easy installation. Good strength and elongation for easy tear, application and removal. Conformable and moisture resistant. Clean removal from most surfaces (AKA flame retardant double-sided gaffers tape). Aggressive bond for secure hold. Meets requirements for use by major aircraft manufacturers as well as major airlines.

  • Polyken FastFloor Double-Coated Ballroom Tape

    Perfect for applications where clean removal is required, such as temporarily installing carpeting in ballrooms or at conventions, Polyken FastFloor Double-Coated Ballroom Tape provides strong, secure adhesion with residue-free removal. This is a cloth tape that has been coated on both sides with clean-removing rubber adhesive, so it's perfect for making setup simpler at trade shows, conventions, special events and more. The exposed side is designed to effectively bond to ballroom carpeting, while the liner side bonds more strongly to the rough underside of temporary carpeting. This differential adhesive turns the time-consuming two-step setup process into a more efficient one-step process in event setup and staging. The cloth-style carpet makes it simple to tear by hand but still provides exceptional strength and stability. offers Polyken FastFloor tape in 2-inch wide by 25-yard long rolls. Product Applications Temporary carpet installations in ballrooms Temporary carpet installation in spaces for events, trade shows, etc. General mounting and holding Features & Benefits Cloth carrier adds strength and stability and is easy to tear by hand. Clean removal air-side adhesive bonds well to carpeted surfaces yet removes clean without leaving messy adhesive residue behind. Aggressive liner-side adhesive bonds strongly to carpet backings and other rough surfaces for a secure hold but removes cleanly from carpet backing. Differential adhesive system accomplishes the same job in one step instead of two which saves time and money.

  • FindTape DCCF-TP Double-Sided Clear Film Tape Test Pack

    We currently stock a variety of clear film double-sided tapes including ones on carriers such as polyester, polypropylene and PVC film. You can also choose from tape coated with rubber or acrylic adhesive. In addition some tapes have differential adhesion which allows one side to be more easily removed than the other permanent side. And that is why we are offering our Double-Sided Clear Film Tape Test Pack which will allow you to test 9 different varieties of double-sided clear film tape at an affordable price. We've also labeled each roll with the product number for easy reference. When your test pack is shipped your packing slip will also include a unique access code which will enable you to review the 9 tapes you received in reference to how well they performed for your specific application. The purpose of the unique code is to ensure someone has tried all of the tapes recently before rating them. Current survey rankings and comments left about the tapes can be viewed below. The pack includes a 3 yard roll of 1" clear for the following two-sided tapes: JVCC DC-4109RS (polyester / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-4199CS (polyester / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-1503 (polypropylene / rubber adhesive) JVCC DC-PPF22 (polypropylene / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-1114 (polyester / rubber adhesive) JVCC DC-4420LB (PVC / acrylic adhesive) Scapa S301 (UPVC / acrylic adhesive) JVCC DC-4016R/P (polyester / differential acrylic adhesive) Scapa S305 (polyester / differential acrylic+rubber adhesive)

  • 3M Scotch 9425 Removable Repositionable Tape [Double-Sided]

    3M 9425 Removable Repositionable Tape is a translucent UPVC film differentially coated with a removable/repositionable, medium tack, adhesive on one side (back/liner side) and a permanent, high tack, adhesive on the other (face/exposed side). The medium-tack adhesive allows removal from many foils and films without adhesive residue. In many cases, the tape can be reused numerous times. The user should perform specific tests to determine the product’s suitability for the particular application. The UPVC film carrier on the tape provides differential stability which offers improved handling for laminating and die-cutting. 3M 9425 is used for repositioning or multiple openings and closings and works on a variety of substrates or materials for temporary adhering, affixing, mounting, holding, attaching, and positioning of light weight materials such as paper, photographic paper, plastics, films, foams, and cardboard. This double-sided / double-coated tape can be applied at 32°F. Industries 3M 9425 is used in includes: electronics; direct mail marketing; paper and print; commercial printing; medical labeling; point of purchase (POP), and displays. The moisture stable release liner also improves processing of parts and ease of liner removal.

  • Polyken 1111 Lightweight Flame Retardant Carpet Tape [Double-Sided]

    Polyken 1111 Lightweight Flame Retardant Carpet Tape is a double-sided gray/black polyester film tape coated with a flame retardant differential adhesive. Adhesive forms an aggressive permanent bond to underside of carpet on liner black side while the removable air/exposed lighter black gray side still removes cleanly from most surfaces so can take off when aircraft requires servicing again. Used in aerospace industry for carpet and non-textile flooring installation on interior floors and stairs of aircraft. General mounting and bonding. Lightweight construction is 65% lighter than standard cloth carpet tapes for reduced aircraft weight and greater fuel economy. Also note this tape comes in longer 60 yard length rolls, unlike standard double-sided flame retardant cloth tape like Polyken 108FR which comes in 25 yard rolls. Features & Benefits Differential adhesive - high-peel liner side and low-peel air/exposed side. Environmentally-friendly - antimony trioxide, bromide, and halogen free. Flame Retardant. Lightweight Construction. Clean removal from most surfaces. Aggressive bond for secure hold. Repositionable adhesive for easy installation - improved efficiency. Meets FAA requirements for use in aircraft.

  • 3M Scotch 9415PC Removable Repositionable Tape [Double-Sided]

    3M 9415PC Removable Repositionable Tape is designed for those times when you need a tape that can stand up to repositioning or multiple openings and closings. It's a double-sided translucent polyester film that's coated with a removable and repositionable low tack adhesive on its liner side and a high tack, permanent adhesive on the exposed side. Double-coated 3M 9415PC tape is effective on various materials or substrates. It can be used to temporarily mount lightweight items such as paper, film, plastic or foam. With most paper stock, it won't cause delamination. The flexible material surpasses rigid materials such as cardboard in adhering to low tack adhesive. It offers fair resistance to solvents, medium temperature resistance and good UV resistance. Industries that can benefit from using 3M 9415PC removable tape include direct mail marketing, paper and print, electronics, medical labeling and commercial printing. Product Applications Mounting, attaching, adhering, affixing, holding and temporary positioning of paper, photographic paper, foams, cardboards and plastics: Mount notes on classroom walls Adhere posters to poster foam-core boards Install plastic sheets onto windows Reclosable envelopes or bags Removable labels and stickers Book inserts Removable/changeable foam gasketing Core starting and end tabbing of papers, films and foils Temporary hold for protective packaging material (foam, cardboard) for shipment of manufactured goods Point of purchase displays Mount promotional items Changeable advertising

  • 3M Scotch 108 Foam Mounting Squares [Removable]

    3M Scotch 108 Removable Foam Mounting Squares is a carded pack of 16 1 inch x 1 inch removable double-sided foam mounting squares. They are ideal for adhering lightweight items such as posters and photos to wood, ceramic tile, gloss and semi-gloss painted walls, glass, refrigerators, and textured surfaces. Can hold up to 1 lb. of weight (use 4 squares for each half pound of weight to be held). The foam is approximately 1/16 inch thick.

  • Polyken 100D Premium Double Coated Carpet Tape

    If you need to secure carpet for a convention, in an aircraft or another challenging environment, Polyken 100D Premium Double-Coated Carpet Tape is a smart solution. This all-cotton cloth tape is coated on both sides with a strong rubber adhesive that's ideal for many uses. It's especially recommended for temporary flooring installation, when easy residue-free removal is a requirement. Polyken 100D has a high thread count for added strength and thickness, with a very thick backing that is far superior to paper-lined or film-lined tape. This thicker backing adheres well to irregular surfaces. Features All-cotton cloth with strong rubber adhesive Comes on a heavyweight, silicone-coated polyethylene film-release liner Easy unwind Resists splitting or tearing Easy removal with no residue Made with low VOCs - helps satisfy EQ Credit 4.1 under LEED® Product Applications Carpet hold-down (conventions, exhibitions, weddings, special events) Carpet hold-down on aircraft (an alternative to tack strips) Temporarily holding Adhere carpet runners and area rugs to existing carpeting Hang and seam polyethylene sheets in abatement, painting and construction Secure heavy tarps used for outdoor protection Secure garments to pallets for screen printing, as an alternative to spray adhesive Mount thin material to a CNC machine Holds aluminum and carbon fiber to router table Secure stair treads to hardwood Mount signs

  • 3M Scotch 109 Removable Poster Tape

    3M Scotch 109 Removable Poster Tape is a double-sided mounting tape which securely mounts posters and lightweight objects on wood walls or doors, tile, glass, refrigerators, vinyl wallpaper, and primed and painted walls. Easy clean removal from most surfaces such as walls, but not recommended for use on delicate surfaces like wallpaper (it may also damage poster upon removal). Can hold items up to 1/4 lbs. Comes carded in a clear polystyrene dispenser with a metal blade.

  • 3M Scotch 665 Removable Repositionable Double Sided Tape [Linerless]

    3M 665 Removable Repositionable Double Sided Tape (Linerless) is a self-wound transparent UPVC film coated with a reclosable adhesive on both sides. The linerless feature on 3M 665 can help simplify manual or automatic dispensing (no special liner removal equipment is required). The tape has medium solvent resistance and excellent UV resistance. Please see 3M 9415PC or 3M 667 for a lower adhesion repositionable tape if you are concerned with removing from or delaminating light-weight material like paper stock. Uses & Applications Reclosable bags or envelopes. Point of purchase displays and mounting promotional items. Core starting and end tabbing of papers, foils, and films. Removable stickers and labels and bottle outsert attachment. Removable/changeable advertisements. Book inserts. Temporary hold for protective packaging material, such as foam or cardboard, used during shipment of manufactured goods. Attaching microscope slides to holder. Removable/changeable foam gasketing.

  • 3M Scotch 667 Removable Double-Sided Tape [Linerless]

    3M Scotch 667 Removable Double-Sided Tape is a linerless, double sided film tape coated with a photo safe, removable adhesive on both sides. It is used for attaching and mounting tasks; specifically for paper to paper applications. Even for light-weight items like paper it can hold securely, yet is easy to remove or reposition. Specific applications include: temporary or permanent paper-to-paper applications; hanging light-weight paper to a smooth dry surface; securing photographs in an album; attaching insurance riders/endorsements; temporary sealing of envelopes and cutting/pasting for photocopying. It is not recommended for displaying heavy paper objects because it is not strong enough to overcome the movement in these items and adhesion failure will occur. Features & Benefits Items taped together can be taken apart at a later date without damage. Items can be repositioned or moved. Safe for use on photos; adhesive is long-aging and non-yellowing. Polypropylene carrier is thin, strong and moisture resistant. Please note that there is a protective wrap at the beginning of the roll which must be removed by unwinding a bit off before you get to the double-sided part of the roll.

  • 3M Scotch 4658F Double Coated Removable Foam Tape

    3M 4658F Double Coated Removable Foam Tape is a 31 mil acrylic foam coated on both sides with an acrylic adhesive. It offers clean removability from many surfaces including displays, signs, exhibitions, electronic accessories, smoke alarms, dispensers, air fresheners, nameplates, picture frame tabs and temporary carpet bonding. The adhesive on the tape offers high ultimate bond strength, good temperature resistance, solvent resistance and static shear holding power. As a general rule, four square inches of tape should be used for each pound of weight to be supported in static load. Comes on a 2 mil PET liner.

  • 3M Scotch 928 ATG Tape [Repositionable]

    3M Scotch 928 ATG Tape is a reverse-wound high-tack/low-tack double-coated tissue tape which has one side which is repositionable (like a Post-it® note). One side of 3M 928 has a medium-firm acrylic adhesive which features high initial adhesion to a wide variety of materials and good shear holding power. The other side has a low-tack, repositionable acrylic adhesive. The low-tack adhesive on one side of 3M 928 allows removal from many papers, foils, and films without adhesive residue and will not cause delamination of most paper stocks. In many cases, the tape can be reused numerous times. It will also not bleed into most paper stocks which helps minimize possible discoloration or staining. Flexible materials will adhere better to 928 than will rigid materials (e.g., paper vs. cardboard). The tape has many repositionable, reusable, or reclosable uses such as: reclosable bags or envelopes; core starting and end tabbing of papers, foils, and films; novelty items; removable stickers and labels; point of purchase displays; book inserts; mounting promotional items; removable/changeable advertisements; temporary hold for protective packaging materials, such as foam or cardboard, used during shipment of manufactured goods. The tape has fair solvent resistance and good UV resistance. Scotch 928 ATG Tape, like all ATG tapes, is reverse wound on the roll so it is designed to be used in an ATG dispenser/gun. %ATGMatrix% For a visual guide to loading and using refill rolls in a JVCC ATG1 dispenser please see

  • Duck Brand Removable Mounting Double-Sided Foam Tape

    Duck Brand Removable Mounting Tape is a double-sided removable foam tape that is designed to remove cleanly without leaving adhesive residue behind. It is ideal for temporary mounting applications such as photos, notes, lists, posters, decorations and other lightweight objects. It can holds up to 1 pound of weight. Application Instructions Clean and dry surface. Cut desired length of tape - should use 3 inches of tape length per 1/4 pound of weight. Position the exposed side of the tape on back of object (rolled objects like posters should be flattened before mounting), allowing for even distribution of weight. All tape must be in contact with object surface. Remove liner and press firmly into place for 30 seconds. The liner side of tape must be on the wall surface. To remove, slowly peel back the tape over itself. If slight adhesive residue remains, simply remove by rolling off with finger.

  • Ludlow M-Tak HI/LO Double Coated Removable/Permanent Tape [Extended Liner]

    Ludlow M-Tak HI/LO Double Coated Removable/Permanent Tape (Extended Liner) is a Mylar tape differentially coated with a synthetic rubber adhesive. The liner on the tape can be easily removed because it has a non-adhesive or dry finger lift edge on each side of the tape (there is 1/8 inch of liner overhang on each side of the tape so a 3/4 inch wide roll would become 1/2 inch width of adhesive tape once the liner is removed). M-Tak HI/LO has a clear, lightweight adhesive for temporary bonding and repositioning on one side, and a permanent adhesive for long-term bonding on the other side. Its perfect for business forms, mailers and envelopes, signs and posters, labels and advertisements. Great for lightweight attachments where later removability from one surface is key. Its Mylar carrier gives it additional strength and support. The release liner is printed with the words "TO EXPOSE ADHESIVE REMOVE LINER" which makes it ideal when the tape is put on items being sent to end users.

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