Adapters Sitemap

Adapters Sitemap

An ATG tape adapter is used with ATG adhesive applicator guns. These ATG adapters allow you to use a narrower width refill roll in an ATG dispenser that's been designed for wider width rolls. ATG applicators and these adapters are used to apply Adhesive Transfer Gun (ATG) tape. Using an applicator gun allows easy application, and the applicator automatically winds up the tape's liner as it is used. This greatly simplifies the process of using ATG tape.

  • 3M Scotch 700A ATG Applicator Adapter

    3M Scotch 700A ATG Applicator Adapter allows 3M's 700 ATG Applicator to be used with 1/4" 3M ATG tape. The adapter is designed to only work with 3M 1/4" tapes since they have a special core design (3M 908, 3M 924 and 3M 969).

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