Specialty (Dry Vinyl, Electroplating, Finger Taping) Sitemap

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Specialty (Dry Vinyl, Electroplating, Finger Taping) Sitemap

FindTape.com offers a huge selection of specialty electrical tape for a wide range of specific applications, from plating masking to finger taping.

  • Scapa 175 Cloth Tape

    Scapa 175 Cloth Tape is a general purpose conformable cotton cloth tape single coated with a natural rubber adhesive. It's non-thermosetting adhesive and backing are suitable for skin contact. The tape is paintable. Uses of the Scapa 175 Cloth Tape include: motor coil winding; wire harness wrap and other bundling applications; general purpose tape for surfaces requiring a high degree of stain or corrosion resistance where high tensile strength is not required; electrical tape applications; and finger taping. Made in Canada.

  • JVCC VEPT-65 Vinyl Electroplating Tape

    JVCC VEPT-65 Vinyl Electroplating Tape is a SPVC masking tape designed for use with PCB terminal zone contacts to prevent penetration of chemicals during the plating process and as a protection tape for shot peening applications. The tape is extremely conformable, durable and highly resistant to oil, acid, alkalines and corrosive chemicals. It also has excellent adhesion to metals and plastics.

  • JVCC DVT-76 Dry Vinyl Tape

    JVCC DVT-76 Dry Vinyl Tape is a NON-ADHESIVE plasticized polyvinyl chloride film tape (the tape is self-fusing so clings firmly to its own backing for a tight wrap when encircled around an object; however since it is not coated with adhesive it will not stick or adhere to other surfaces). The tape's high elongation and good strength permit trouble-free binding of wire harnesses for the automotive industry. Dry Vinyl Tape is also used for plating applications - high stretch, easy unwind, good "cling" characteristics and great conformability provide for superior masking in hard chrome and other plating applications.