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Film (PE, PP and PVC)

Some of the most popular varieties of double-sided tape can be found in this collection of polyester, polypropylene and PVC film tapes. Whether you need to mount something lightweight or product an important item, you can use one of these tape products to get the job done. Polyester, polypropylene and PVC tapes are known for being easy to apply. They sometimes sport a color that can be integrated into packaging or mounting, while other varieties are completely clear.

In addition, you’ll find that this collection offers both removable (low tack) and permanent (high tack) acrylic adhesive system. There are a number of distinctive uses for these types of film tapes, including:

Product Applications

  • Splicing of various materials, such as papers, plastics, films and foils
  • Mounting nameplates, posters and other lightweight objects
  • Keyboard assembly
  • Laminating dissimilar metals
  • Bonding rubber, plastic, metal and wood substrates
  • Hemming vinyl banners
  • Decorative trim on appliances and furniture
  • Manufacturing reclosable bags, pouches and envelopes
  • Core start ups
  • End tabbing paper, foils and films
  • Mounting promotional, advertising and point of purchase displays that can be removed, replaced and repositioned
  • Temporary holding of packaging and protective materials during shipment
  • Temporary laminating applications
  • Making removable stickers and labels

Film tapes are known for being extremely versatile in terms of the surfaces on which they can be placed. For example, most tapes of this kind will easily mount on anything from wood to tile to glass to painted walls. In addition to offering a secure hold as an adhesive, polyester, polypropylene and PVC film tapes typically can be removed or repositioned rather easily. Depending on the type of tape you purchase, however, you should be careful about using these products on any type of delicate surface, such as wallpaper. And when it comes to PVC vs. polypropylene tape, be sure to look for the strength specifications when selecting a product; typically, PVC tape is the heavy-duty option better suited for applications where you need a high level of adhesion.

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