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Specialty (Dry Vinyl, Electroplating, Finger Taping Cloth) offers a huge selection of specialty electrical tape for a wide range of specific applications, from plating masking to finger taping. Engineered for multiple electric applications as well as general purpose taping where certain characteristics are required (i.e. a high degree of stain- or corrosion-resistance) these tapes will help you take on hard-to-tackle jobs. This selection includes dry vinyl tape, vinyl electroplating tape and cloth tape (finger tape).

FindTape offers the best prices on high-performance electrical tape by top brands like JVCC and Scapa.

Product Applications:
  • Motor coil winding
  • Plating masking
  • Finger taping
  • Bundling applications, including harness wrapping
You can use options such as Scapa 175 Cloth Tape and other high-performance finger tapes featuring a non-thermosetting adhesive backing (suitable for skin contact) for your finger taping needs. This tape may also be used on surfaces requiring a high degree of corrosion-resistance where high tensile strength is not required, such as in some mechanical and electrical applications. We also offer non-adhesive dry vinyl tape, which is appropriate for situations where a tight wrap is required. Because this type of tape doesn't adhere to other surfaces, it allows for simpler binding of wire harnesses in the automotive industry.

We also supply performance-grade vinyl electroplating tape designed for use with PCB terminal zone contacts to prevent the penetration of chemicals during the plating process. We recommend JVCC VEPT-65 for these applications, because it's extremely conformable and resistant to substances such as oil, acid, alkalines and corrosive chemicals. Additionally, this plating tape is extremely adhesive (17 ounces per inch) and adheres very well to metals and plastics. FindTape is happy to offer these specialty tapes by the roll or case so you get the quantity that meets your needs and budget.

If you're looking for an adhesive product or tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications. You can also visit our Shop by Department page to find the best tapes for your specific application or industry.

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