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Fastening (Reclosable)

Designed for applications where you need a reclosable adhesive fastener, fastening tape offers many unique advantages to help you get the job done right. This kind of tape is perfect for situations where you want to replace conventional fasteners such as screws, clips, rivets, snaps, hook and loop and bolts where easy access or repositioning is needed.

FindTape's large selection includes high-quality and ultra-durable 3M Dual Lock as well as low-cost Velcro adhesive-backed hook and loop tape and Velcro coins.

Product Applications

  • Attaching ceiling tiles, carpet, seat cushions, trade show graphics, access panels, wall panels and small electrical devices
  • Attaching electronic toll collection (ETC) transponder tags to car windows. Such as E-Z Pass, I-Pass, SunPass, Quick Pass, Peach Pass, FasTrak, E-Pass, K-Tag, PikePass, TxTag, and AutoExpreso
  • Quick changing of props in the theater industry
  • Arts and crafts

The primary use for 3M Dual Lock Tape is creating easy fasteners in applications such as ceiling tapes, seat cushions, wall headliners, display components, city bus light fixtures, ceiling attachment, privacy curtain rails, sunroof trims, wall panels and much more. Unlike Velcro and other hook and loop type fasteners, Dual Lock only has one side that sticks to itself. This unique general purpose fastener offers up to five times the strength and holding power of hook and loop, so it's often recommended for many heavy-duty and industrial applications. FindTape supplies 3M Dual Lock in many options, including the heavier duty Dual Lock 250 and a low-profile style for a sleeker finish.

For more versatile crafting, home and classroom applications, we recommend the use of Velcro tape. Velcro's pressure-sensitive hook and loop tapes are a versatile, less costly alternative to 3M Dual Lock and will work well in lighter duty applications. Velcro reclosable fasteners are sold separately in hook and loop styles (the rougher side is the hook and the softer fuzzy side is the loop). In other words, you will need both the hook and loop side to create a fastener.

If you're looking for tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications.

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