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ProductType of AdhesiveCarrier/BackingAdhesion To Stainless Steel (ounces per inch)Tensile Strength (pounds per inch)Thickness (mils)Operating Temp. MinimumOperating Temp. Maximum
Nitto (Permacel) P-703 High Temperature Masking Tape rubber/resin impregnated crepe paper 60 22 6.4 300°F
3M Scotch 2090 Blue Painters Tape [ScotchBlue] acrylic crepe paper 23 27 5.4
tesa 4334 Precision Mask Painters Tape acrylic flat paper 16.9 17.1 3.5
Intertape PG21 High Temperature Masking Tape rubber/resin crepe paper 28 26 7.3 325°F
3M Scotch 401+ High Performance Green Masking Tape solvent-free rubber crepe paper 36 25 6.7 250°F
Nashua CleanDrape Double-Sided Abatement / Sheeting Tape differential rubber cloth and crepe paper lamination 25 (exposed) / 40 (liner) 63 15
FrogTape Delicate Surface Painters Tape acrylic washi paper 14 23 3.6 50°F 120°F
Shurtape DS-154 Double-Sided Containment Tape synthetic rubber (differential) fine structured crepe paper 27 (exposed) / 60 (liner) 21 8.5 32°F 120°F
FrogTape Multi-Surface Painters Tape rubber-based fine structured crepe paper 30 22 5.7 50°F 120°F
Intertape AM AquaMask Medium Temperature Masking Tape natural rubber/resin saturated crepe paper 28 20 6.6 225°F
Shurtape CP-650 High Performance Grade Temperature-Resistant Masking Tape rubber-based crepe paper 37 28 6.6 325°F
JVCC PGM-UV Painter's Grade Masking Tape synthetic rubber paper 19.4 27.8 5.2 203°F
Duck Brand Pre-Taped Dropcloth Pre-Taped Painter's Drop Film natural rubber crepe paper tape & polyethyene (PE) drop film 38 23 14.5
Shurtape CP-27 14-Day Blue Painters Tape synthetic rubber crepe paper 32 27 5.3 50°F 200°F
Shurtape CP-28 30-Day Purple Painters Tape acrylic-based (for delicate surfaces) crepe paper 11 25 4.75
3M Scotch 2080EL ScotchBlue Edge-Lock Painter's Tape for Delicate Surfaces [Discontinued] crepe paper 4
Shurtape CP-500 High Temperature Masking Tape rubber-based crepe paper 43 26 5.8 45°F 300°F
Shurtape CP-60 60-Day Razor Edge Painters Tape acrylic smooth flatback paper 14 23 3.7
Shurtape CP-20 8-Day Green Painters Tape rubber-based crepe paper 32 24 5.7 50°F 150°F
Adhesion To Steel - refers to how strong the tape sticks (how hard it is to pull off surface), the spec literally means that if adhesion is 55 then it would take 55 ounces of pull per inch of tape width to break the bond between the tape and the stainless steel test panel when peeled back at a standardized rate and angle
Tensile Strength - the longitudinal strength of the tape which is not the same as tear (transverse) strength; it refers to a tapes ability to withstand force or stress or in other words how hard can you pull on the tape before it breaks apart
Thickness - a higher thickness tape usually equates to a higher performance/quality product
Elongation - measures how stretchable a tape is lengthwise - an elongation of 150% means the tape can be stretched over 1-1/2 times its original length before it breaks or stops stretching Painters / Painting Tapes Comparison Matrix