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Film double sided tape is a tape that is made up of a film carrier, the most common being PVC, polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PE) films that are coated with adhesive on both sides. These tapes are used to bond two substrates together. The leading brands in the manufacture of these tapes are Scapa, JVCC, 3M Scotch and Duck Brand.

Double sided polyester (PE) film tapes are typically thinner and include the 3.4 mil thick JVCC DC-1114 and the 3.5 mil thick JVCC DC-4109RS, JVCC-DC4199CS, and red DC-PETF-35-R. The JVCC DC-4109RS is a very popular choice since it is economical and offers low adhesion of only 29 ounces per inch.

Double-sided PVC film tapes typically offer more aggressive adhesion and include the JVCC DCC-4420LB (either clear and black film), Scapa S301 (clear), JVCC DC-WPVC98 (white), JVCC DC-4414W (white) and JVCC DC-4420 (white). They are coated on both sides with an acrylic adhesive and are popular for their UV, aging, water vapor, and temperature resistance. The Scapa S301 is sometimes preferred for its ability to bond to more difficult surfaces like cloth or fabric.

Polypropylene (PP) film options include both the JVCC DC-1503 product coated on both sides with a quick stick rubber adhesive and the JVCC DC-PPF22 product with a solvent-based acrylic adhesive which offers good static and dynamic shear resistance.

For tapes that are coated differentially (one side would offer a more aggressive permanent adhesive and the other a less aggressive removable adhesive) see the Scapa S305 product (117 ounces per inch of adhesion on the exposed side vs. 25 ounces per inch on the liner side), the JVCC DC-4110R/P product (53 ounces per inch vs. 28 ounces per inch), the 3M 9415PC (50 ounces per inch vs. 5 ounces per inch) or the JVCC DC-4408SW (30 ounces per inch vs. 22 ounces per inch). These tapes are used for applications such as temporary labels and decals and for reclosable bags and envelopes.

For tapes which are equally removable from both sides see the 3M 109 poster tape or the linerless 3M 665 or 3M 667 products. These tapes are used for mounting and attaching tasks and typically offer better repositionability.

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