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The 3M Company, originally founded in 1902 as a mining and manufacturing company, is an American corporation based in Maplewood, Minnesota. Richard G. Drew, a lab assistant in 1925, invented masking tape, which was a critical step towards 3Ms diversification and first of many 3M Scotch pressure sensitive tapes. Of the more than 55,000 products the company produces, 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes and Hardware Divisions offer more than 400 varieties of tape and other spray adhesives, glue, dispensers and laminators.


3M's subbrands include, but are not limited to, Ace, Bondo, Command, Diamond Grade, Filtrete, Futuro, Nexcare, Peltor, Post-It, Safety-Walk, Scotch, ScotchBlue, Scotch-Brite, Scotchgard, Stamark, and Trizact.

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Acco Brands

ACCO started as a modest school and office products company. Now, ACCO Brands is a dynamic global consumer- and end-user-focused company. They create products and solutions to help consumers learn and create, play, organize and store, and enable technology at home, at the office and everywhere in-between.

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For the last 100 years, families have grown up with an ACE Brand bandage. It is a staple of people’s lives that they are exposed to early on and can be used for a variety of purposes throughout life. The name ACE—which stood for All Cotton Elastic—was chosen in 1918 after a nationwide contest was held that offered physicians a chance to win $200 for coming up with the best name for the new bandage. ACE products are designed for support and comfort. A brand of 3M.

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Anterique of Alwych Notebooks

Anterique is a Japanese ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil company. Founded in Tokyo in 2019, they are well-known for combining innovative, Mach Ball ink with vintage-inspired forms.
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Antica Cartotecnica

Antica Cartotecnica is a beautiful shop a block from the Pantheon in Rome that has maintained that rare atmosphere of the past time in which it is possible to admire and buy, in addition to a wide range of antique and modern pens, stationery to be collected, bags and leather document holders.
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Since 1934, the AT-A-GLANCE brand has been synonymous with planning and organizing your day, week, month and year. Today, AT-A-GLANCE is the leading maker of planners and calendars in the United States and Canada.
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Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics was established in 1967 as an injection molding company and is now a leading, global manufacturer and marketer of plastic packaging products, operating more than 99 manufacturing facilities. Since 1987, Berry Plastics has acquired over 40 businesses, helping to diversify its product line. Ludlow Tape, Nashua, Patco and Polyken are just a few registered trademarks owned by Berry Plastics and are also product brands offered at


Berry Plastics takes pride in offering superior quality and a broad product line for your pressure sensitive tape needs. Berry Plastics 444 Line Set Tape, a UV resistant film tape with a high-performance acrylic adhesive and Berry Plastics 775 Woven Barrier Tape, a non-adhesive film tape that provides high visibility and reusability, are just a sample of the many Berry Plastics products FindTape offers.

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The Bondo brand has been there for you for over sixty years, tackling your toughest repairs and restorations. They are an American original and remain committed to bringing you honest, reliable, quality products. So, whether you have a ding or dent in your car, rock scrape on your boat, or the many cracks in your home, trust the Bondo brand to have the right product for the repair.

The Bondo brand offers a complete line of fillers and accessories - putties and glazes, undercoatings, and tools - for many applications including automotive, household, marine, hobby, and many others. The products can be used to repair and restore aluminum, wood, concrete, brick, metal, fiberglass, stone and sheetrock. A brand of 3M.

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Trailblazers in the world of planning, Cambridge has an entrepreneurial spirit for bringing you all the style you desire with all the tools you need.
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Canadian Technical Tape Ltd., more commonly known as Cantech, manufactures pressure sensitive tapes for the industrial, construction, retail, and athletic industries. Since 1950 they have been focused on offering high-quality, consistent, and reliable products to customers. Cantech supports ongoing reasearch and development efforts to stay current with the changing marketplace and needs of its customers. Based in Montreal, Cantech has three manufacturing facilities, one located in Tennessee and the other two in Quebec and Ontario, Canada.

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CatTongue Grips

CatTongue's original product, the non-slip phone grip, was resized to also create a non-abrasive, non-slip laptop and tablet grip. Then launched the CatTongue Non-Abrasive Gription® Roll. Most recently they brought the Gription Pad to market, an adhesive-free, double-sided gripping pad.
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For decades, people have been searching for ways to improve, add functionality, and hang up their personal touches throughout their homes, offices, and other spaces without causing damage to walls, ceilings, and other flat surfaces. Thanks to a game-changing innovation by a team of brilliant scientists and inventors at 3M, and the strong belief and vision of one tenacious man, Command Brand grew from uncertain beginnings to its current presence in the global home organization and décor industry. A brand of 3M.

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The enlightened entrepreneur Alessandro Frola founded the Universal company in the Turin province in the mid-1950s, from which CARIOCA® and CORVINA® were born, laying the foundations for the start-up of the most important writing district in Italy and the world. Universal s.p.a. thanks to the CARIOCA® brand it soon became a global point of reference in the production of markers while CORVINA® became one of the most sold ballpoint pens in the world.
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CureTape is constructed with a high-quality cotton base that provides elasticity characteristics similar to those of human skin. Its acryl adhesive, hypo-allergenic backing, in wave-form, clearly reduces the risk of skin irritations and allows the skin to breath. The adhesive characteristics of the surface are activated by body heat. The tape is air- and water-permeable, while still being water resistant.
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DAP Products Inc.

Founded in 1865, DAP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of caulks, sealants, foam, adhesives, and patch and repair products with a history of first-to-market innovations.
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Delfonics was founded in 1987 and produced and designs original stationery and desktop accessories. Culture that evolves from 1 pen or 1 sheet of paper is infinite. In other words, stationery is not only a tool, but at the same times also represents a portal to culture. Their stationery is not only practical, but also releases the sensibilities and creativity in those that use them. Stationery that frees your creativity.
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For generations, artists have chosen and trusted the Derwent brand for art materials around the world. With a proud heritage dating back to 1832, Derwent’s innovation comes from a deep understanding of artists.
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Drei Sterne Kreide

March 1870 Anton Franz Mörtel founded the chalk factory, which is still owned exclusively by members of the Mörtel family. The trade mark DREI STERNE was registered at the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin as early as 28th February, 1898.
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Duck Brand

Duck brand tapes, owned by ShurTech Brands LLC, include the well-known silver-colored duct tape (Duck Brand Max Strength Duct Tape) as well as several key products for DIY projects, crafts, stationery and household goods. Invented during World War II in 1942, duct tape was an American soldier’s solution for a strong, versatile adhesive used for everything from repairing a broken window to making a field bandage. Fast forward to present day and Duck brand tapes are still the preferred solution for home and industrial applications. offers over 30 Duck products including the popular Duck Brand Printed Duck Duct Tape Patterns, Duck Brand Heavy Traffic Double-Sided Carpet Tape, home weatherization options like Duck Brand Silicone Weatherstrip Seal and much more. Get all of your favorite Duck products at the best price and delivered fast.

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DUX, the oldest German brand for high-quality pencil and crayon sharpeners, was established in 1908 and continues production in Geretsried, Bavaria. Made from heavy brass, blocks of solid aluminum and Duroplast (Bakelite). Duroplast was the material used to produce the body of the Trabant peoples car, manufactured in East Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall.
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Ellepi by Metalplus srl

Metalplus srl is an Italian company whose products are the result of years of research and investment in cutting-edge construction techniques. Ellepi is their stationery brand that makes products such as plier staples, staple-removers, paperholder clips, rotary paper cutters, and blackboard displays.
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Excell, founded in 1978 and based in Taiwan, is an industry leader in tape dispensers and sealers. Their products can be found in most specialized and hardware retailers in over 86 countries. Excell is focused on innovative technologies for the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry and a high level of quality assurance with more than 96% of production completed at their facility.

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FASCIQ offers various products used to treat the fasciae, to bring about a loosening of the fasciae (fascia release) and to maintain a flexible fascial network (fascia treatment). Regular use of these products can prevent injuries.
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For 30 years, Filtrete Filters have delivered cleaner air to millions of homes, becoming a leader in residential air filtration. As a result, Filtrete™ Brand is the most trusted brand for indoor air cleaning filters on the market today. A brand of 3M.

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Formed in 2003; and with more than 6,475,000 rolls of tape sold since 2004; FindTape has quickly become the preeminent online source for tape, glues/adhesives, and dispensers.

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Established in 1649 as an ironworks in a small Finnish village of the same name, Fiskars has grown to become a leading global supplier of consumer products for the home, garden and outdoors. Available in more than 60 countries, Fiskars products solve everyday problems, making daily home, garden and outdoor projects easier and more enjoyable through superior performance and design.
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Five Star

Five Star is part of the ACCO Brands Family of industry-leading planning solutions. Mead, Day-Timer, Day Runner and AT-A-GLANCE products help busy people plan and organize their lives.
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FrogTape®, a ShurTech Brands LLC brand, is the only painter’s tape treated with the patented PaintBlock® Technology. PaintBlock® is a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edge of the tape. All FrogTape® products are treated with PaintBlock®, providing an extra layer of protection against paint bleed and the need for time-consuming touch-ups.

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The GBC (General Binding Corporation) story began in 1947. That’s when the founder, William N. Lane, and two business partners helped Chicago printers find a faster, more reliable way to bind and laminate. GBC introduced the first electric, desktop mechanical binding punch in 1961, then the tabletop laminator in 1966. After merging with ACCO Brands in 2005, GBC became part of the world’s largest supplier of binding machines, laminators, and shredders.
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Since 1939, Gerber has been a leading global supplier of activity-specific knives, multi-tools and problem-solving gear, built on the pillars of craftsmanship, innovation, and an unrelenting commitment to quality and service. Based in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Gorilla Tape

Gorilla Tape is an adhesive tape brand of the Gorilla Glue Company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company's original glue product line was first discovered being used in Indonesia on teak furniture, but consumers soon found it to be incredibly versatile and demand soared. In 2005, Gorilla Glue Company introduced a reinforced duct tape product named Gorilla Tape and continues to add items to its product line. offers Gorilla Tape in black, silver, white and the highly visible blaze orange colors, as well as Gorilla Clear Repair Tape and Gorilla Camo Duct Tape. Purchase Gorilla Tape products for your toughest projects at prices and fast shipping.

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HIGHTIDE is a brand established in Fukuoka, Japan in 1994, and specializing in office supplies and stationery. Their products evoke American and European nostalgia. In addition to the popular HIGHTIDE Diary planners, there are a variety of product lines within HIGHTIDE such as Penco, Nahe, New Retro, Butler, PH, Re-Standard, and Hum.
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INDASA, founded in 1979, is a leading European manufacturer of high performance coated abrasive technology and delivering a wide range of tool products, sealers, coatings, tapes and more. INDASA is ISO 9001:2008 certified, exports 90% of their production to more than 100 countries and serves the automotive, marine, woodworking and construction industries.

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Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)

Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG) is a packaging products and systems company, started in 1981 and based in Sarasota, Florida and Montreal, Canada. With 18 global locations for distribution and manufacturing, Intertape Polymer Group is the second-largest tape producer in North America. IPG offers a large variety of paper and film based pressure sensitive and water activated tapes for the aerospace, automotive, HVAC, marine, transportation and other industries.


At, purchase Intertape 530 Utility-Grade Flatback Packaging Tape, an aggressive adhesive tape ideal for carton sealing offering cost savings over similar heavier tapes. IPGs electrical tapes are manufactured to deliver the highest level of performance reliability, such as Intertape LA-26 Polyester/Rope-Fiber Laminate Tape. This tape combines the benefits of polyester film and rope-fiber paper backing to produce an excellent high-temperature pressure sensitive adhesive tape option. Purchase your Intertape Polymer Group products at and you will receive the best price and fast delivery.

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ISC Racer's Tape

ISC Racer’s Tape, started in 1982, offers a complete line of products for the worldwide racing industry, from NASCAR to go-carts. For more than 30 years, ISC Racer’s Tape has been the premier source for colored performance race tapes, whether you need a dull finish, reflective, surface protection, or non-skid and more. ISC Racer’s Tape is the original 200 MPH tape!

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Jaybird & Mais, Inc.

Jaybird & Mais, Inc. manufactures pressure sensitive rubber based adhesive tapes and coatings for the global marketplace. A leader in the sports medicine and ice hockey tape products industry since 1985, Jaybird & Mais is an ISO 9001 certified facility, located in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Product lines include Sports Medicine Adhesive Stretch Tape, Sports Medicine Adhesive Tape, Ice Hockey Tape and other Sports Medicine Specialty Products. Jaybird & Mais offers tapes that are made with a hypo-allergenic adhesive and 100% latex free adhesive formulation for your most sensitive requirements.

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Jessup Manufacturing Company

Jessup Manufacturing Company is a global manufacturer specializing in adhesive coated and laminated materials and photoluminescent films and sheets. Jessup products are used in many industries as component parts, site safety equipment, and graphics. Every product they create is proudly made in the U.S.A., using the finest materials and skilled labor.
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J.V. Converting Company

J.V. Converting Company, Inc. is a premier adhesive tape converter with locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Las Vegas, Nevada. For over 15 years, they have offered a wide range of converted tape size and color products including double-coated tape, duct tape, foil tape, gaffers tape and much more. J.V. Converting Company is an excellent choice when you need adhesive products at the right size for the right price and delivered fast.

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From docking stations, to computer cable locks, to mice and trackballs, to ergonomics, Kensington is proud to design, engineer, and build award-winning products that are trusted by professionals around the globe.
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Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape provides the highest quality products and education, that are continually refined and innovated based on clinical research and advancements in science and technology. Through product development, education, research, and certification, Kinesio seeks to ensure that patients and users can be confident they are receiving the highest standard of Kinesio Tape. Kinesio is the original global brand since 1979. With more than 35 years of development, research and application, Kinesio stands apart in the field of elastic therapeutic taping.

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A favorite amongst Japanese pencil aficionados, Kita-Boshi is a 5th generation pencil maker. Pencils made from highest-quality cedar and cypress. Each pencil writes about 31 miles (longer than a marathon!) Made in Japan.
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Kramer Industries, Inc.

Kramer Industries transitioned in 2020 to making an FDA-approved formulation for a liquid hand sanitizer that meets all the guidelines to attack Coronavirus (COVID-19) and many other germs.

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Kutsuwa Co., Ltd.

Kutsuwa Co., Ltd. was founded in 1910 as a stationery wholesaler in Osaka, Japan. In 1965, Kutsuwa started to design and manufacture its own branded products.
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Kyowa Limited

Manufacturer of rubber and synthetic resin products including their O-band product which is known as a king of rubber band. In 1917, Hirozo Nishijima succeeded in developing the world's first transparent rubber band using heat vulcanization. The firm Nishijima founded continues to make Japan's best-selling, most respected rubber bands.
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L'Atelier d'Exercices

The Exercise WORKSHOP is dedicated to the creation, editing and distribution of objects, furniture and systems. The Exercise WORKSHOP, with its creators – designers, graphic designers, authors, stylists, architects – offers its research, its exercises applied to matter, function, everyday life, the exceptional, play and discovery.
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Leathersmith of London

The Leathersmith of London brand was established in 1839. All products are still made by hand at their book bindery on Canvey Island. Suppliers to the Queen, Downing Street and the finest stationers in the UK.
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When Louis Leitz invented the iconic lever arch file in 1896 in Germany, he laid the foundation to what is today the leading premium office brand in Europe. With products ranging from traditional to technological, all Leitz products are meticulously engineered to perform time after time to the highest German quality standards. Technology changes, but principles don't: a job today is still worth doing well.


Founded in 1850, Giuseppe dell'Era is a family-run paperclip, pushpin, and small metal parts manufacturer, located in the north of Italy near to Lake Como. Now in its 6th generation.
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Life Stationery Company

The LIFE stationery company was established in Tokyo in 1949. They produce exceptional quality paper products, handmade by skilled artisans. Hard to come by outside Japan, Life is a Japanese stationery brand famous worldwide for its amazingly high-quality paper.
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Lisa Jones Studio

Lithograph print cards, notebooks and hand-printed clocks made in London by Lisa Jones Studio in super vibrant colors. Googly-eyes on noted cards. Please click through to the right for holiday cards, Valentine's Day cards and more.
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Lizard Skins

In January of 2012, Lizard Skins officially launched a new product into the baseball industry. DSP (DuraSoft Polymer) bat grip was created based off the highly successful DSP handlebar tape for road bikes. Utilizing our knowledge and experience in developing grips, Lizard Skins designed and created this new innovative bat grip.

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Ludlow Tape (Berry Plastics/Covalence Adhesives)

Ludlow Tape, a registered trademark owned by Berry Plastics, offers an extensive line of pressure sensitive supported and unsupported transfer tapes. Ludlow supported tapes feature a user-friendly, finger-lift edge which provides for easy removal of the release liner.


Ludlow M-Tak and Ludlow T-Tak Double-Sided Tapes are designed for sealing boxes, mounting applications and anywhere excellent adhesion and shear strength are needed. FindTape offers Ludlow tapes in over 8 sizes, with the best prices and fast shipping.

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Lutz Tool Company

The Lutz@reg; Tool Company, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been making premium quality hand tools since 1904. Lutz premium quality tools are backed up with a Lifetime Guarantee. In addition to premium quality, Lutz products are offered in a range of High-Visibility colors, allowing your tools to stand out on your shelf and in your toolbox. Tools include tape measures, screwdrivers, bits and utility knives.
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Maul Desk Goods

Desk accessories designed and made in Germany by Maul. High-quality materials, sustainably produced.
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Mead is part of the ACCO Brands Family of industry-leading planning solutions. Mead, Day-Timer, Day Runner and AT-A-GLANCE products help busy people plan and organize their lives. Five Star and Trapper Keeper products give students the high-quality learning tools they need to succeed in the classroom.
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Metalplus srl

Metalplus srl is an Italian company whose products are the result of years of research and investment in cutting-edge construction techniques. Storage cases/toolboxes made of stamped steel and varnished with epoxy powder coating.
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MT Masking Tape

MT Masking Tape, produced in Japan, is the original brand of washi paper masking tape, created by the 100-year-old company Kamoi Kakoshi. In 2006, the Kamoi Kakoshi company was made aware that people were using their industrial tapes for craft and design products. Out of this revelation, the MT washi tape product line was created offering a colorful tape which is semi-transparent, easy to tear by hand and can be repositioned on nearly any surface. MT washi masking tape is available worldwide in hundreds of colors and patterns.

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Mueller Sports Medicine

Mueller works closely with athletes to understand the demands placed on their bodies. Then they incorporate that knowledge into every concept, every design, every product that they develop. So even if you're not an athlete, you can perform like one.

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Muveen is committed to creating comfortable personal protective equipment (PPE) for the diverse needs of workers, that saves businesses and workers money with proactive safety practices and prevention.

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Nashua (Berry Plastics/Covalence Adhesives)

For over 80 years, Nashua has been the go-to source for HVAC, plumbing and general contractors everywhere. Known for their consistent quality and performance, Nashua offers products in a wide variety of materials, sizes and colors. Nashua products are made in the USA and a registered trademark owned by Berry Plastics.


Nashua tapes are extremely sticky and have strong adhesion in demanding situations when binding can be difficult. Nashua 360-17 FoilMastic Butyl Rubber Tape, Nashua Stretch & Seal Self Fusing Silicone Tape, and Nashua 360-45 Heavy Duty FoilMastic Butyl Rubber Tape are just some of the excellent tapes available at FindTape. They seal cracks and seams in gutters, around rooftop duct systems, are versatile enough to be used for mobile home repairs and much more. Find these products and more Nashua tape offerings at

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Nexcare is 3M's personal health care brand. Nexcare features products such as bandages, gauze, surgical tape, cold sore treatment and liquid bandage products. They are well known for their waterproof and sensitive skin adhesive bandages.

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Nitto Denko / Permacel

Nitto Denko is a Japanese company originally started in 1918 as Nitto Electric Company to produce electrical insulating materials. Celebrating the company’s 70th birthday in 1988, they officially changed their name to Nitto Denko Corporation. Permacel was founded in 1927 as a division of Johnson & Johnson and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nitto Denko in 1988. In 2009, Nitto Denko announced that the Permacel brand name will be changed to Nitto Tape, serving the electrical and electronic assembly, consumer electronics, aerospace and other industries. The Permacel P-numbered products retain the same product number under the Nitto Tape brand.

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O'Keeffe's Company

O'Keeffe's develops skin care solutions that work as hard as you do. Products include Working Hands for extremely dry hands plus Lip Repair for cracked lips and Skin Repair for dry, itchy skin. The Gorilla Glue Company owns both the Gorilla Glue® and O’Keeffe’s® brands.
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Oracal (Orafol Group)

ORACAL is part of the graphic products brand portfolio within the ORAFOL Group. In 1976 the ORACAL brand was created after the first graphic products were manufactured and sold. Since 2006, the production of ORACAL graphic materials is now completed at their facility in Black Creek, Georgia. ORAFOL brands are sold in more than 100 countries and recognized as a leading manufacturer of tape systems used in signage, graphics, industrial, traffic and safety applications.

Oralite (Orafol Group)

ORALITE is a leading reflective material brand primarily used in the sign making and vehicle industries and owned by ORAFOL Group. In August 2011, ORAFOL Europe GmbH acquired Reflective Solutions Division, formerly Reflexite Corporation, and supplies a full range of reflective solutions using their microprism technology. With more than 40 years of research and development, ORALITE continues to bring new standards of brightness, performance and quality to the reflective products industry.

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Orna is a maker of natural slate blackboards with beech wood trim. Made in Italy.
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Painter's Mate Brand

Painter's Mate brand tapes, owned by ShurTech Brands LLC, include Painter’s Mate Green and Painter’s Mate Ultra painters tapes as well as Painter’s Mate Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape.

View the 2 products we sell from Painter's Mate Brand.

Patco (Berry Plastics/Covalence Adhesives)

For over 50 years, Patco Tapes have served a wide range of specialized tape and coating applications and industries. Patco products offer superior characteristics for surface protection, moisture barrier and clean room applications. Whether the application is sporting goods, aerospace, automotive, marine or other specialized projects, Patco will deliver a high level of performance. Patco is a registered trademark owned by Berry Plastics.


FindTape offers a comprehensive selection of superior Patco products. The Patco 5560 Removable Protective Film Tape offers clean removal, moderate tack and is used for temporary general protective masking. When you need an acid-free adhesive, non-yellowing tape, Patco 555 Archival Book Repair Tape is a great choice.

View the 18 products we sell from Patco (Berry Plastics/Covalence Adhesives).


3M Peltor Headsets provide communication and hearing protection for use in hazardous, high noise environments. 3M headsets available include LiteCom two-way radio headsets, two-way portable radio headsets, listen-only headsets and a range of accessories and replacement parts.

View the 8 products we sell from Peltor.

Polyken (Berry Plastics/Covalence Adhesives)

Polyken, an adhesion materials leader for over 50 years, serves the automotive, industrial, arts and entertainment, HVAC industries and more. Polyken products are engineered for consistency, reliability and technology across varied applications. Considered a market standard for simple or complex projects. Polyken is a registered trademark owned by Berry Plastics.

View the 24 products we sell from Polyken (Berry Plastics/Covalence Adhesives).


For over 40 years, the Post-it Brand has helped people be more productive, communicate better and express themselves in a number of creative ways. Post-it Notes are now available in many standard sizes, shapes and colors in more than 150 countries. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Post-it Products which have been featured in films, mosaic pop art and the daily lives of millions. A brand of 3M.

View the 39 products we sell from Post-it.

Pres-On Corporation

Pres-On is a full-service manufacturer with the capability to take materials from the adhesive coating stage all the way through to converting and finished part processes. Pres-On utilizes an advanced, proprietary wet-coating process to apply adhesive to carrier materials, resulting in products that provide superior bonding properties.
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Precision Specialties Company (Presco) makes marking products including barricade tape, roll flagging, marking flags, Krylon marking paint and many more which are manufactured in Sherman, Texas.
View the 38 products we sell from Presco.


Primetac Corporation, founded in 1992, is one of the largest carton sealing tape suppliers in the United States. They offer a wide range of pressure sensitive products including a unique, high shear line of tapes and 5-layer cast stretch films.

View the 2 products we sell from PrimeTac.

Pro-Tapes and Specialties Inc.

Pro Tapes & Specialties was founded in 1977 to service the motion picture and theatrical industries in New York City. Headquartered in New Jersey and operating out of an ISO 9001 certified, 150,000 sq. ft. facility, Pro Tapes services a wide range of industries and applications. For 40 years, Pro Tapes & Specialties has been a trusted name in tape conversion for the global marketplace, serving the graphic arts, library and school supply, retail and general industrial markets and more.


Pro Tapes offers a wide range of tapes for many applications, specializing in the arts and entertainment industries. Whether you need an all-around and consistent performance gaffers tape such as the Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape, available in 14 standard and 5 neon colors or a fun, specialized tape like Pro Tapes Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape, Pro Tapes and Specialties is a smart choice. Watch’s popular videos to learn about the 9 Types of Gaffers Tape and the difference between Gaffers Tape vs. Duct Tape.

View the 19 products we sell from Pro-Tapes and Specialties Inc..


Quartet is the premier provider of whiteboard, bulletin and chalkboard products.
View the 35 products we sell from Quartet .

Rapid Tools

Founded in 1936 in Sweden, Rapid has become the leading fastening specialist in 120 countries all over the world, producing high-quality, user-friendly products in the areas of stapling, tacking and gluing. The Swedish heritage means that all products meet the highest demands of functionality and simplicity of use, while always looking distinctive. This is called Svensk Effixity.
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Sapadilla  / Cincy Brands

Sapadilla's essential oil soaps and cleaners contain absolutely no fake fragrances or dyes. Instead, they use only 100%-pure essential oil blends and biodegradable ingredients to make their essential oil soaps and cleaners smell wonderfully amazing.
View the 4 products we sell from Sapadilla / Cincy Brands.

Scapa Group PLC

Scapa Group was originally formed in 1927 as a paper business but became focused on developing their tape businesses as Scapa Tapes in 1999. Scapa is a global supplier of bonding products and manufactures adhesive products primarily for the healthcare and industrial markets. Scapa offers adhesive products for the healthcare industry that help control excess fluids, protect fragile skin with skin-friendly adhesives and everything in-between to help manage wounds. Their industrial adhesive products provide solutions for the automotive, construction and consumer driven markets. Purchase all of your Scapa Tape products at for the best price and fast delivery.

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The Scotch Brand believes in resourcefulness and ingenuity. They exist to help people discover the magic of being hands on. But in order to do a job well, you need the right tools. Since the invention of the first transparent tape in 1930, Scotch Brand and 3M have offered more than 400 varieties of adhesive tape and countless other products from spray adhesives and super glue to tape dispensers and laminators. For every project there’s an ideal tool. Scotch Brand will help you find it.

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Scotch-Brite has every tool you need to leave your home spotless. From deep cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen, to tidying your living spaces, Scotch-Brite has cleaning tools for every mess. A brand of 3M.

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When you start a painting project, you intend to make something better — to make a space fresher and brighter, to improve the look and feel of an area in or outside of your home. ScotchBlue is your partner in this venture. They offer the most trusted products, plus taping expertise you can count on, from masking basics to solutions for taping tricky areas, to helpful tips and step-by-step guides. ScotchBlue is always innovating new ways to make paint prep easier, faster and better, to help provide the right tape for your paint job. A brand of 3M.

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Whether it’s the rug in your first apartment or the perfect pair of boots, Scotchgard Brand is there to protect the things that are important to you by helping to keep them useful and beautiful. Scotchgard is here for you – so you can stop worrying about the next spill, stain, or splash and start living happily ever after. A brand of 3M.

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Sharpline Converting

Sharpline is the leader in designing and manufacturing decorative graphics and brand identity elements for a wide array of industries worldwide. Sharpline’s primary manufacturing facilities in Wichita, KS have more than 212,000 square feet of clean, climate-controlled environments required for the production of the country’s best graphic products.
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Shovlin Mattress Factory

Shovlin Mattress Factory is a one-stop manufacturer for all your bedding needs including mattresses, adjustable bed frames, iron bed frames, mattress pads, pillows, removable pillowtops and sheets.
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Shurtape Technologies, LLC

Shurtape Technologies LLC, founded in 1880 and located in North Carolina, started as a producer of textile products, but added a tape division in 1955. Then in 1972, after nearly 20 years of growth in the adhesive tape market, their production and facilities expanded, offering adhesive-coated cloth tapes and then duct tape in 1981. Today, Shurtape Technologies has 12 worldwide manufacturing and distribution centers and serves a variety of markets, from painting and packaging to HVAC and transportation.

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Sigma Plastics Group

Sigma Stretch Film started in 1993 as a small plant in New Jersey and has grown to 5 manufacturing facilities in North America and Canada. With over 600 million pounds of capacity, Sigma Stretch Film manufactures and supplies stretch film to a broad range of industries. They are a division of Sigma Plastics Group, which was founded in 1978 and is the largest, privately-owned film extrusion group in the United States. Sigma Plastics Group has 13 divisions and 40 locations across the United States and Canada.

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From Victorian ledgers, to 21st century stationery, Silvine has been a leading stationery maker since 1837. From the 1960s on, generations grew up using their iconic red Silvine exercise books with the iconic laurel wreath logo on the cover. Their factory is based in the ancient market town of Otley, surrounded by the breathtaking countryside of Yorkshire Dales.
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Stalogy offers stationery products such as notebooks, double-sided tape, circular masking tape patches, sticky notes and calendar blanks.
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Swingline continues the tradition of making high-quality, reliable products designed for a dynamic world. You can count on long-lasting performance from all our Swingline office products for stapling, punching, and trimming.
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T-Rex brand tapes, owned by ShurTech Brands LLC, include products that are ferociously strong, weather-resistant duct tape, packing tape, and repair tape for household repairs, DIY projects, and outdoor living. T-Rex combines 3 layers of an extra-thick adhesive layer, a high tensile and woven fabric “co-extrusion” reinforcement layer for strength, and a polyethylene skin layer. T-Rex tapes are thicker than duct tape, have an aggressive adhesive, are UV-resistant, and have reinforced layers for all-weather durability.

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Himojimoji, the parent company of the Tagged brand, is a manufacturer of wash-resistant paper notes based in Japan.
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Tangent Garment Care

Tangent Garment Care provides a superior range of skin and garment care products, not emanating from the chemical industry or flung off conveyor belts, but products that will naturally and effectively give long life.
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tesa SE

tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and self-adhesive system solutions for industrial and consumer applications. tesa supplies tape to a number of industrial sectors including the automotive industry, the electronics sector, printing and paper, building supply, security concepts for effective brand and product protection, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2001, tesa SE has been a wholly owned affiliate of Beiersdorf AG.
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Thysol Group BV

THYSOL is a leading medical device company which supplies a total medical taping concept, with constant high quality innovative products and services, via our close connected partners present in the local markets.
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Unasco Pty Ltd is an international, highly specialized company, operating since 1962 in the expanding and complex field of polymer processing.

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Velcro® Brand

VELCRO® Brand products are some of the most well-known products across the world. In 1941, George de Mestral invented the hook and loop product after encountering a burdock burr while walking his dog in the Swiss Alps. A burdock burr is a tiny seed covered in hundreds of “hooks” that naturally catch onto the microscopic loops that cover clothing, hair and fur. Today VELCRO® products are used across a wide range of industries and applications including, healthcare, military, NASA (to keep their dinner plates from floating away in zero gravity space) and in your garage.

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VetkinTape gives the same results as CureTape but is made exclusively for animals. The tape is slightly different due to the differences in skin/hair, muscles structure and anatomy.
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Victor Sports

Victor Sports Pty Ltd., established in 1993 and headquartered in Australia, provides a comprehensive product line of sports medicine and rehabilitation appliances. Victor Sports products equip athletes and medical professionals with the most advanced sports medical products available. Whether you need Victor K Kinesiology Tape, as often seen in the London 2012 Summer Olympics, or Victor VIC38 Rigid Strapping Tape, used by athletes to support areas of the body under high stress, provides the best price and fast delivery.

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Wooster Products, Inc.

Wooster Products Inc. has been supplying anti-slip safety treads and surfaces since 1921 and is located in Wooster, Ohio. Their Flex-Tred® tape products, Wooster Flex-Tred Anti-Slip Cleats, help provide anti-slip surfaces from any direction, wet or dry and reduce risks of slips and falls. The NITEGLOW® (glow-in-the-dark) products, Wooster NITEGLOW Flex-Tred Glow-in-the-Dark Anti-Slip Tape and Cleats, provide luminescent outlines of stairways and can be recharged by any light source, natural or artificial. Wooster products are available as barefoot and mop friendly and are quick and easy to install.

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Xyron's products are for the craft, education, creative and professional markets and are uniquely designed for the creative process.
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Zenith is a brand of Italian company Balma, Capoduri & C.. Since the company’s founding in 1924, they have been at the forefront of innovation and quality. Their continued passion for manufacturing and efficiency sets their products apart from the competition. Zenith staplers are highly regarded for their reliability and known for their unique plier design.
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