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Manufacturing's manufacturing department offers a wide range of industrial products, including leak prevention sealing strips and DOT Hazard Class Shipping Labels. Our products also include 3M Fire Barrier Sealant, Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate, and JVCC PPT-36G Silicone Splicing Tape. From polyethylene foam tape to aluminum foil tape and Scotchmate Hook and Loop Fasteners, we've got all your needs covered. Shop now for the best prices and quality products.'s manufacturing department offers a wide range of products to meet different industrial needs. Among the products are FindTape Leak Prevention Sealing Strips, which provide a leakproof seal for bottles and jars during shipping, preventing liquid leaks. The IPG BT100 PMB Blast Impact Masking Tape is an ideal product for masking surfaces when removing dry strip paint or performing other shot-peen procedures. The FindTape-regulated DOT Hazard Class Shipping Labels are used with shipping labels to properly mark hazardous materials being transported on public highways and comply with DOT regulations.

The department also produces FindTape Made In Labels, which are made from semi-gloss paper with apparel-safe adhesive backing, and can be applied to solid surfaces and clothing. The 3M Fire Barrier Sealant is a high-strength, single-component, moisture-curing, gap-filling polyurethane adhesive that creates high-strength bonds on a wide variety of materials, including plastics, metals, fiberglass, and wood. Gorilla Wood Glue Ultimate is 100% waterproof and incredibly strong, but it still easily cleans up with water.

The 3M 5480 Skived PTFE Film Tape uses low-friction, non-stick polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and a powerful silicone adhesive to reduce friction between moving surfaces or function as an anti-stick or easy-release medium. The Shurtape VP-410 Vinyl Film Tape is a tough, long-lasting tape that's versatile and resistant to weather, abrasion, and wear. JVCC PPT-36G Silicone Splicing Tape is a translucent emerald green, 2 mil polyester film with 1.6-mil of a non-residuing, pure silicone adhesive.

Scapa SR516V double-sided polyethylene foam tape is constructed from a 1/16-inch (.0625-inch) thick white polyethylene foam that has been coated on both sides with a strong, high-performance rubber adhesive. JVCC VEPT-65 Vinyl Electroplating Tape is a soft polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) film masking tape designed for use with PCB terminal zone contacts to prevent penetration of chemicals during the plating process. 3M 4950 VHB Tape is a double-sided tape typically used on metal, glass, and high surface energy plastic substrates, providing the convenience and simplicity of a tape fastener for many interior and exterior structural bonding applications.

The 3M Scotch 700 ATG Adhesive Applicator allows for quick and controlled application of strips of ATG pressure-sensitive adhesive tape. The 3M 4952 VHB Tape is a double-sided tape coated on both sides with a high-performance synthetic adhesive that bonds to many low-surface-energy substrates, including many plastics and powder-coated paints, plus smooth general-purpose substrates. 3M 06376 Automotive Attachment Tape is a.030 (30 mil) thick, OEM-approved acrylic foam with high-performance acrylic adhesives on both sides. 3M SJ3571 and SJ3572 Scotchmate Hook and Loop Fasteners are premium-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) nylon hook and loop tapes coated with a high-performance acrylic adhesive.

Polyken 345 Premium Self-Wound Aluminum Foil Tape has many uses in the aviation, general industrial, and OEM industries, and is a heavy-duty, dead-soft aluminum foil tape that's used for aircraft masking and sealing applications. Nashua 398 Professional-Grade Duct Tape is used in maintenance applications in manufacturing environments, seaming and sealing underlayment materials, sealing polyethylene waste disposal bags, color coding, general repair, bundling, and patching, among other uses.

If you're looking for tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications.

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