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Adhesive Tape Categories

FindTape is constantly on the lookout for the latest and most excellent tapes and adhesive products in 2022 by industry leaders, including 3M, Duck Brand, Shurtape, etc. These cutting-edge tape manufacturers are constantly creating new and improved products to meet the demands of today's ever-changing residential and industrial applications, and the team at is on the lookout for the best of the bunch.
See what products our customers can't get enough of! These are FindTape's current best sellers.
FindTape is your one-stop-shop for all things holiday gifts. Feel free to browse our inventory online today—all your favorite brands, including Life Noble, Mueller, Scotch Brite, Scotchgard, Duck Brand, etc.
Cleaning supplies play an essential role in our daily lives at home, in school and in the office.
In addition to a large assortment of technical and industrial tapes, FindTape also stocks high-quality and great-looking arts and crafts supplies that can be used in a wide range of creative environments.
Are you a “do-it-yourself” kind of person? Are you tackling projects around your home or office? FindTape is the right place to start!
Are you looking for a unique gift for someone special? FindTape has curated an artisanal collection of products from all over the world.
Green Products at
Whether you’re an educator, crafter, or electrician, personal health and beauty products are an essential part of life. Not only does FindTape carry products to help you complete any project, but we carry products to help keep you healthy as well. carries a wide variety of first aid and medical products for injuries and support. From bandages and medical tape, to first aid kits and ice packs, FindTape has everything you need to build a first aid kit for professional or personal use.
Office supplies are key elements of efficiency, organization, good communication, and productivity. Using high quality office supplies helps with taking notes and remembering ideas, organizing and delegating your daily tasks, keeping your workspace tidy, and so much more.
The service industries keep our homes, businesses, and countries running. FindTape is a proud supplier of tapes, adhesives, tools, and other accessories that our service industry workers need on the job every single day.
One of the most important parts of moving or shipping is keeping your valuables organized and well-protected. The right collection of high-quality shipping products can help you do just that. FindTape supplies standard BOPP film carton-sealing tape, heavy-duty packaging tape, bubble wrap, strapping tape and colored packing tape for moving in the most organized fashion possible.
Every sports medicine professional knows that athletic tape is key to encouraging fast, healthy healing. FindTape has a broad assortment of high-quality sports and athletic products that can help with everything from first-aid bandaging and injury support to adding grip and friction to hockey sticks.
Gaming and technology products from FindTape
Find deals on discounted products. Choose from gaffers tape, duct tape, safety tape, double-sided carpet tape and much more! Save even more when you buy sale tape by the case.
For projects where you want to get a little creative, consider using artist tape to help get the job done. This versatile tape can be used for a wide variety of applications. You might take a strip of tape to hold your paper in place while sketching. For another project, colored console tapes might allow you to create a colorful organization system for your work files. Artist's tape can also be utilized for labeling since the surface is easy to write on.
3M offers a damage-free hanging solution for every project with their strips, hooks, clips, grippers, bundlers, hangers and now their adjustables line with can be repositioned up to 3 times. 3M Command Brand products are applied to smooth surfaces first cleaned with rubbing alcohol and then given time to dry completely.
Products to help you maintain a safe and healthy store/work environment against the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
Dispensers from
In addition to a wide variety of athletic tape for injuries and support, also carries first aid and additional sports medicine products for facilities, equipment, and for personal use. With performance-grade options by 3M Nexcare, Mueller and Jaybird & Mais, these products are appropriate for a broad range of sports-related applications.
Notebooks and planners capture notes, schedules, sketches, important events, and much more for everyday use. A notebook will collect your work on any given topic and thought throughout the year. Planners are essential elements for organization and efficiency.
Steel wire or plastic staff solid color marking flags are available in multiple staff lengths and rectangular flags sizes, in bright bold colors. Pennant flags are durable, easy to use and reuse in bright yellow, red, or multi-color 60-foot long strands. Use Whiskers as an alternative marking choice - virtually indestructible and available in 7 highly visible colors.
One of the most versatile fastening tapes available is adhesive-backed polyester felt tape. At, we offer a great selection of this popular fastener in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs. Whether you need to line something, pad something or repair something, you might find that self-adhesive felt tape is exactly what you need to get the job done.
Let’s face it: sometimes our most trusted adhesives don’t perform as expected. When you’re dealing with a too-humid or too-dry adhesion-zapping environment or discovered that your favorite tape doesn't stick well to your desired surface, FindTape can help with a performance-grade adhesive promoter or primer by the industry’s top manufacturers.
Make your mark quickly, easily and affordably by using non-adhesive surveyor's flagging tape from Pick up colorful rolls of non-adhesive surveyor's flagging tape for use in surveying, trail marking and industrial applications.
Creating safe spaces that flow smoothly is easier when you use these floor safety signs and markers from Available in a variety of legends, colors, and sizes, these products allow you to quickly mark off areas that are dangerous, protected or otherwise restricted.
Kinesiology Tape is latex-free, hypoallergenic cloth tape designed to be gentle to the skin, comfortable for days at a time and allow normal mobility through any stage of the rehabilitation process.
Having colorful, strong marking tape on hand is a must when safety is at stake, which is why this selection of adhesive tape from is so popular. In addition to offering a wide range of colors and stripes, we ensure that you can find a tape for a variety of safety and color-coding applications.
No paint job can be completely effectively without painters tape. This type of masking tape has become the gold standard for any kind of paint job. It ensures that painters can achieve clean, perfect lines without causing any damage to walls or other surfaces.
Fiberglass tape is single or double-sided tape featuring a fiberglass backing. This type of tape is most commonly used in carpet installation jobs, including indoor and outdoor carpet installation, and to install and repair drywall joints.
While one-sided tape may be more ubiquitous, there are plenty of applications where double-sided tape is the better solution. At FindTape, we offer a wide variety of double-sided tapes to ensure that no matter what the job calls for, you can find the perfect type of tape for it.
Commonly used in electronics and appliance manufacturing and by homeowners to add traction and protection to many products, self-adhesive bumpers come in handy in many situations. These small but mighty stick-on pads can be used as feet, stops, spacers and protectors in a myriad of applications, ranging from auto glass spacers to appliance feet to keep items secure while preventing surface damage.
Have you heard of washi tape? This is one of the latest crazes in crafting that brings a lot of color into any project you're working on. Washi tape is actually made from Japanese rice paper. It has several great features that make it a good choice for arts and crafts.
Vinyl tapes at
Find safety eyewear for vision protection such as 3M Metaliks Sport Protective Eyewear and Peltor Sport Over The Glass Safety Eyewear. Also find safety ear muffs and headphones for hearing protection such as Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Electronic Hearing Protectors and 3M WorkTunes. Also E-A-R foam pillow pack earplugs
Masking Tape at
Cleaning Products at
Cloth Tapes at
Find non-adhesive and adhesive shelf liners (including some with Clorox antimicrobial protection), as well as anti-fatigue mats at
One of the easiest ways to create a more comfortable, budget-friendly environment is to weather-strip your home. Using our high-quality weatherization tapes, you can effectively seal around windows, doors and more for excellent draft control.
Cotton tie line, also known as trick line or sash cord, is a cotton-coated rope that's engineered for the perfect blend of easy handling and high strength. In addition to quality cotton trick line, also offers many non-cotton rope options, including blended polypropylene and polyethylene fiber rope that is specially made to endure in tough conditions without compromising tactility or ease of handling.
Whether you're prepping something to ship or you're packing up to move to a new home, getting the right packing tape can be a make or break decision. After all, you don't want a box to suddenly break open and expose the contents inside to serious potential damage. That's why FindTape offers this great selection of packaging tape and sealing tape for all your packing needs.
Need to an easy and effective way to fasten items together temporarily? Check out this selection of hook & loop, felt tape and dual lock fasteners at These handy products are great for those situations in which traditional tape would create a sticky situation. Instead, you'll get the benefit of working with other materials like hook-n-loop and felt. Plus, these fasteners make it easy to connect and reposition items quickly and cleanly.
Ideal for use in a wide range of industries, film tape can help make day-to-day challenges simple. Visit FindTape to find affordable film tape, including screen printing tape, surface guard tape, glow-in-the-dark tape and more.
If you work in photography, theater, audio production, or any job in the entertainment and event industries, then you know the importance of a good roll of gaffers tape. This matte finish, vinyl coated cloth tape - also known as gaff tape - is primarily used to affix cables to floors, walls, and other surfaces, and is an essential tool for professionals everywhere.
Could anything be more versatile than duct tape? This unique tape product has been the go-to for quick fixes for generations. From taping cables to the floor for major events and productions to fixing that little rip in your favorite tarp, duct tape can handle jobs big and small in just about any setting. In fact, these are just some of the many potential uses for duct tape that you might come across:
Masking tape is a must-have for any personal, business or industrial setting. There's no telling when this versatile tape might come in handy. Plus, there are numerous versions of masking tape to fit just about any need.
Commonly used by electricians to insulate electrical wires, electrical tape is an essential for safe insulation and color-coding of wires and cables. Our selection includes cost-effective electrical tape for all of these applications as well as control pipe wrap, dry vinyl tape, Kapton polyimide tape, glass cloth Teflon tape and skived Teflon tape. offers a great selection of tapes that help you stay safe. Whether you need to mark off a dangerous area or tag individuals for triage, our safety products will help you get the job done.
Making your car stand out is easy with the help of racers tape from Our selection of racing tapes includes everything from bare bond tape for quick fixes and repairs to checkered flag duct tape for adding decorative elements to your car.
The Shipping Supplies category includes tape Dispensers, scissors and bubble wrap. Dispensers include packaging tape dispensers, desktop dispensers, bag sealing dispensers, filament and lane marking dispensers, and ATG tape dispensers. Also find bubble wrap, non-stick scissors, staplers and silicone-coated separator sheets.
An essential in the toolkit of any physiotherapist or athletic trainer, sports medicine athletic tape helps keep athletes in their best shape. Whether you need cheap athletic tape for padding ski boots or high-performance foam underwrap for creating a safe base beneath sports adhesive, our selection includes the products you're after.
Glow-in-the-dark tapes at offers a great selection of foil tapes for all your sealing and shielding needs. These durable, long-lasting adhesives offer a number of versatile uses, making them a top-seller in various industries.
We offer a varied selection of glues, adhesives, from leading manufacturers at low prices. If you're looking for glue sticks, spray adhesive, epoxy, adhesion primers, permanent glue sticks, liquid instant adhesive or rubber adhesive strip tape, we have it. Are you looking for temporary and reusable, rather than permanent, adhesive putty? We carry that as well.
Foam tape, available as single-sided or a double-sided adhesive tape, can be used for holding or mounting many kinds of items. There are additional uses around the home or business, such as for weather sealing. Our adhesive foam tape comes in various sizes and styles.
If you're looking to buy reflective tape from a reputable online retailer, you've come to the right place. is the best resource for all your tape needs, including reflective options. Whether you want tape that will comply with safety regulations or you want to add nighttime visibility to certain areas, you'll find it here.
Office products are key elements of efficiency, good communication, and productivity tools. Using the proper stationery product helps with taking notes and remembering ideas and designs, and easily identifying files, documents, and folders.
Tools and accessories at findtape
ATG Tape is generally known as Adhesive Transfer Tape. The definition of ATG tape is: "a tape that is unsupported by a carrier or by backing such as paper, film or cloth." This tape is made by applying pressure-sensitive adhesive to a release liner. ATG tapes are commonly used for applications such as scrapbook projects, picture framing, photo mounting, graphic arts and to assemble various promotional products.
Non-Skid Tape, Non-Skid Cleats and Non-Skid Strips are used to provide anti-slip traction for high traffic locations and are great for steps, stairs, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, skateboards and ladders. Glow-in-the-dark and "Caution" printed anti-slip tape is also available.
Cable Ties at is your one-stop shop for magnetic tapes. We have a large selection of high-performance magnet-backed adhesives by JVCC. FindTape carries a wide variety of writable magnetic tapes for easy, adaptable shelf labeling as well as many magnetic adhesive strip options that are great for picking up ferromagnetic materials - items made of iron, nickel, cobalt and more.
Sports Equipment Tape at
Labels at
Lint Rollers - Original, 50% Stickier Large Surface Area, Laundry, and Furniture & Upholstery. With the exclusive 3M film-backed adhesive, 3M lint removal products are stickier, easier to control and more comfortable to handle. They provide a variety of ways to pick up lint, debris and pet hair from clothing, furniture, auto upholstery, and countless other surfaces quickly and easily.
O'Keeffe's develops skin care solutions that work as hard as you do. Products include Working Hands for extremely dry hands plus Lip Repair for cracked lips and Skin Repair for dry, itchy skin.
Ribbon dope thread sealant is used for sealing threaded parts on lines that carry liquids and gases. Standard PTFE version available as well as a high-density version and a version for stainless steel fittings and one specifically for the gas industry.
Our Industrial Markers category includes liquid paint markers, solid paint markers, felt tip markers and dry erase markers.

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