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We specialize in offering great pricing and a painless shopping experience that features hundreds of unique products. From industry-standard gaffers tape that provides exceptional performance in demanding environments to colorful duct tape that can be used for everything from arts and crafts projects to cable anchoring, FindTape.com has all of the essential tapes for industrial, commercial and crafting applications. In fact, we've developed a range of tools to help you find the ideal tape for your needs.

In order to ensure that you're paired with the appropriate tape solution, we've developed the exclusive Advanced Tape Finder. This in-depth tape searching tool matches you with the right adhesive based on your preferred width, color, and a variety of other technical specifications. What's more, FindTape allows you to Shop by Department, so if you've got a specific job in mind, we can help identify an appropriate tape. Start here if you're in the market for shipping tape, printing tape, flooring tape, electrician's tape, theater tape, and more. We even supply top-notch hula hoop tape, hockey stick tape, and dance tape in our lineup.

Why Shop FindTape?

FindTape has a unique advantage over any other tape retailer: we do our best to ensure that all of our customers find the right product to suit their individual demands and applications. We pride ourselves on supplying the best resources and information in the field. For example, FindTape always offers clear, up-to-date photography of the products we sell online plus in-depth and accurate descriptions. Buy your next roll or case at FindTape.com to see why we've built a loyal following.

If you have any specific questions about the products we carry or their individual applications, FindTape's team is always on hand to provide one-on-one advice. Contact us today by phone at 1-908-248-0427 or by e-mail at questions@findtape.com.

FindTape History

Formed in 2003; and with more than 7,400,000 rolls of tape sold since 2004; FindTape.com has quickly become the preeminent online source for tape, glues/adhesives, and dispensers. Nowhere else on the World Wide Web will you find such easy ways to locate the product you are looking for including keyword search; browsing our hierarchy of product types and departments, and finally by utilizing our advanced product finder tool.

More information on the adhesive tape manufacturers and brands we sell online is also available.

See our media room for media mentions of FindTape.com as well as press releases and a company fact sheet.

"FindTape.com: quietly saving the world, one roll of tape at a time."

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phone # +1 (908) 248-0427 or +1 (800) 806-7580 (800 # is U.S. only)
fax # +1 (866) 698-9890

We typically have representatives available to answer phones on Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm EST.
Please note calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Please note the first address below is a mailing address only and items ship from our other locations or from different tape converters we work with.

Mailing Address

FindTape.com LLC
1378 Route 206, Unit 6-149
Skillman, NJ 08558-1923
United States

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FindTape.com LLC
1800 East State Street, Suite 120
Hamilton, NJ 08609
United States

Outside view of 1800 East State St Studio Park building

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