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Weatherization Products

One of the easiest ways to create a more comfortable, budget-friendly environment is to weather-strip your home. Using our high-quality weatherization tapes, you can effectively seal around windows, doors and more for excellent draft control.

FindTape has a full suite of high-quality weather-stripping tape and other top-quality products to help you lower your energy bill and keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Shop single-coated foam tape, double-sided window kit tape, EPDM weather-stripping and fabric draft door seals in our selection. These products will help regulate temperature as well as keep out dust, pollen and insects.

Product Applications

  • Stopping draft
  • Sealing around windows and doors
  • Repairing HVAC duct systems
  • Sealing cracks and seams in gutters
  • Sealing around chimneys and vent stacks
  • Creating air- and weather-tight seals
  • Replacing old or worn door and window seals
  • Patching leaks in pipes, hoses and more
  • Improving air quality

For the easiest way to fill and seal gaps around windows and doors, be sure to explore our assortment of Duck Brand weather-stripping products. Duck Brand makes easy-to-use double-draft door seals made from machine-washable, abrasion-resistant fabric that slides onto doors quickly and easily. They also supply foam weather-strip seals that feature an easy-to-use self-adhesive backing as well as heavy-duty weather-strip seals that are tough enough to be used as a replacement for old door and window seals. Pick up some double-sided window kit tapes from Duck Brand to make installing your weather-stripping products easier.

In addition to high-quality weather-stripping material and tape, we also have adhesives designed to help you repair holes, tears and drafts in HVAC systems, gutters, roof alleys, eaves, ridges, chimneys, trailer panels and much more. For such applications, you want to make sure you choose a performance-grade, weatherproof tape with chemical resistance that will stand up well in all temperatures and weather. You may use products such as Nashua 360-17 - a butyl rubber tape with aluminum foil backing - to repair gouges, rips and tears in panels, shipping containers and metal buildings or employ Nashua Waterproofing Repair Tape to repair holes and leaks in pipes, hoses and more.

If you're looking for an adhesive product or tape to do a specific job, try our Advanced Tape Finder. This tool allows you to narrow down your search based on adhesive type, removability, peel adhesion, thickness, and other specifications. You can also visit our Shop by Department page to find the best tapes for your specific application or industry.

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