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Return Strips

Packaging tape strips are a handy tool that can make your shipping processes a lot more efficient and effective. When used to send out original shipments, many businesses have found that having these pre-cut strips makes the process of preparing packages significantly faster.

The strips are ready to go in advance on a peel-off strip, so there's no extra time taken to peel tape off a roll and find scissors for a clean cut. And when working with the same types of boxes over and over again, it's easy to know exactly how many strips are needed and where they should be placed to secure the shipment with confidence.

Besides making mass shipping projects a little easier, these sealing tape strips are also handy for businesses which accept return packages from their customers. When these customers are left to their own devices to package products for return, the results can vary widely, and some products may be lost or damaged due to the customer's lack of knowledge about proper shipping techniques. By providing customers with packaging tape return strips when sending a replacement shipment, retailers can rest assured that any returned packages will be returned safely and that boxes will be fully secured before going through the shipping process.

Product Applications

  • Protecting packages by offering a secure seal on various box types
  • Quick peel-and-stick application for faster package preparation
  • Making return shipments easier for customers

A number of industries use return packaging tape strips quite often to aid in return shipments from their customers. Some of these industries include scholastic testing agencies, ink cartridge manufacturers, retail distribution centers, and pharmaceutical companies. Because the sheets are pre-cut and feature an extended score liner, they are incredibly easy for the end user to apply to any package. Stock up on cases of packaging tape strips from FindTape to get a great price on products from trusted brands like JVCC and 3M.

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