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Double-Sided Acrylic Foam (Very High Bond)

Discover an excellent alternative to epoxy, rivets or nails, and for surfaces where you don't want or can't put in holes. Heavy-duty, double-sided, very high bond (VHB) acrylic foam is the perfect solution for many applications both indoors and outdoors. We offer various kinds of double-sided adhesive acrylic foam from top brands like 3M Scotch and JVCC.

You'll find heavy duty mounting VHB tape, weather and UV resistant tape, transparent VHB tape, flame retardant tape and general purpose VHB tape. There are double-coated tapes for attaching items in a vehicle, removable foam tape and low surface energy VHB tape. We have foamed acrylic tape in various colors, thicknesses and widths. JVCC and 3M acrylic foam tape (automotive and other uses) is cost-effective and gets the job done.

This double-sided acrylic foam tape provides an extremely strong bond on metals, glass, plastics, painted materials, painted wood and composites. It even bonds to brick! Acrylic foam has stress relaxing and energy absorbing properties for excellent durability. It also resists moisture. If you're looking for industrial strength mounting, attaching and bonding, use this high-quality VHB double-sided JVCC and 3M acrylic tape.

Product Applications

  • Fastening parts together
  • Securing trim onto vehicles
  • Mounting an action cam or DVR securely to outside of vehicle
  • Installing window louvers on a car
  • Mounting items such as phone holders to vehicle interiors
  • Semi-affixing metal parts
  • Attaching parts to drones or model airplanes
  • Attaching household hangers to walls for item storage
  • Affixing LED light strips underneath cabinets and under desk hutches
  • Adhering signs to brick walls
  • Holding up blinds (instead of using expensive hardware)

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