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3M Dual Lock

When you need something to stay put, use dual lock fastening tape from This unique type of fastener comes in a strip with adhesive on one side and a series of mushroom-shaped stems on the other. Simply place a strip on each of the objects you wish to fasten together. The pieces will attach to one another to create a strong bond to keep your items in place.

Unlike Velcro tape, dual lock fasteners don't have separate hook and loop sides. Instead, you only need to purchase one roll of dual lock tape since the mushroom-shaped stems will attach to one another. This works for smaller strips or for using an entire roll. For example, a 10-foot roll can be divided into two 5-foot strips. The following are some of the many potential applications for this type of fastener:

Product Applications

  • Reusable fastening of materials that may need to be repositioned, such as doors, access panels, signs, cushions, tollway passes, wall headliners, display components, city bus light fixtures, ceiling attachment, privacy curtain rails, sunroof trims and wall panels
  • Mounting or attaching heavy-duty items safely and securely, such as metals, glass, plastics and paint
  • Replacing conventional fasteners such as screws, clips, rivets, snaps, hook and loop closures and bolts in order to facilitate access or repositioning

One factor to keep in mind when purchasing dual lock fasteners is what stem density you prefer. Typically, dual lock fasteners come in densities such as 170, 250 or 400 stems per square inch. A higher number indicates a greater closure strength, so it's important to use 400 stem density fasteners when working with heavier materials. For simpler, lightweight applications, like attaching a tollway pass, you can use a lower density and still get a strong hold.

Browse to check out our great selection of dual lock fasteners. This type of fastening tape will come in handy in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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