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9 Types of Gaffers Tape

Gaffers tape is one of the most popular types of tape sold at We don’t sell only one or two types, we sell them ALL! Here we explain some of the differences and features of 9 products available.

There are three main manufacturers of gaffers tape; Shurtape, Scapa and Polyken. True gaffers tape (also known as gaff tape, camera tape, and spike tape for narrow 1/2-inch widths) is a vinyl-coated cloth tape with a matte finish that is completely removable from most hard surfaces. Other adhesives on non-vinyl-coated cloth is gaffer-style but may offer an economical choice depending on your needs.

Extensively used in theater, photography, film and television productions and industrial staging work, gaff tape is not duct tape and has some key characteristics that set it apart. Such as, gaffers tape is removable with little to no residue left behind on your cables or floor, it is easily torn by hand for easy application and is available in a wide array of matte and low-gloss finish colors. offers the exclusive Gaffers Tape Challenge Pack so you can compare all the tapes shown in the video at your home, office or on location to find which tape is right for you. The rolls are 2-inches wide by 10-yards long and shipped in an economically priced bundle. Included in the package is a specification sheet indicating tensile strength, thickness, adhesive strength and much more for each included tape roll.

  1. JVCC J90 Low Gloss Gaffer-Style Duct Tape

    This tape would be considered a gaffer-style tape because it is a low-gloss, polyethylene coated cloth tape with a residue-free adhesive. JVCC J90 is an excellent low-cost option to traditional gaffers tape. We offer this tape converted from larger log rolls which means we can offer non-standard sizes in-stock from 1-inch to 8-inches in a wide array of colors.

  2. Scapa 125 Economy Grade Gaffers Tape

    Scapa produces three grades of gaffers tape; 125, 225 and 425. Of the three tapes, Scapa 125 Economy Grade has the least amount of adhesive leaving the least amount of residue. Economically priced for large jobs and budget-minded projects, this tape is best suited to stage marking and other applications where you need adhesion on hard, non-carpeted surfaces. Scapa gaff tapes have the lowest gloss/matte finish available at FindTape and are only available in black, white and grey.

  3. Scapa 225 Mid-Grade Gaffers Tape

    Scapa 225 gaffers tape is a great all-around, all-purpose choice for holding down cables and wires, securing photography lights and props and more, while still giving you a residue-free removal for easy clean-up. This tape has more adhesion than the Scapa 125 while still offering the lowest gloss/matte finish available. Scapa 225 gaff tape is also available from our converter as JVCC GAFF30YD, rewound to 30 yard lengths, helping to save you money when you do not require the longer 60-yard length rolls.

  4. Polyken 510 Premium Grade Gaffers Tape

    Polyken 510 gaffers tape is an all-purpose tape with premium-grade adhesion that is softer than other gaffers tape, making it especially well-suite to applications with carpeting. Unlike the Scapa gaff products, Polyken 510 Premium Grade gaffers tape is available in seven industry colors, at various lengths and widths, including non-standard sizes. FindTape can also supply you with the Polyken 510-Neon Premium Fluorescent Tapes which include the four traditional fluorescent colors fluorescent green, orange, pink and yellow.

  5. Scapa 425 Pro-Grade Gaffers Tape

    Scapa 425 Pro-Grade is a premium line of gaffers tape, coated with the strongest adhesive we sell at This gaff tape is great for holding down cables onto carpet for longer periods of time, is waterproof and has extremely high tensile strength. Although this is a premium gaffers tape, it is economically priced and only available in black color. Remember that the Scapa gaff products have the lowest gloss or matte finish available.

  6. Shurtape P-628 Industrial Grade Gaffers Tape

    The Shurtape P-628 gaffers tape has ideal properties for use in a wide range of applications, including conventions, hospitality, TV production and more. This tape has great adhesion, ability to conform to irregular shapes and a writable surface for some labeling applications. Although the tape finish is slightly shinier than the Scapa products, it is still a matte finish and Shurtape P-628 is available in 10 standard and hard-to-find colors. Because this gaffers tape is only available in pre-cut rolls, FindTape does not offer non-standard sizes, but you can choose three different lengths to suit your needs.

  7. Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape

    The pro-gaff tape is manufactured by Shurtape and is the most popular choice in the entertainment industry and other industrial uses. Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff tape is available in the widest array of colors, from electric blue to tan to Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Neon Colors, this tape is a great choice. It has high-strength and a waterproof backing so Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff will hold up in the most demanding environments. This gaffers tape is sold in standard width sizes 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch (black color only) and available for immediate delivery in all the color choices. An all-around and dependable gaffers tape.

  8. Shurtape P-665 General Purpose Gaffers Tape

    Shurtape P-665 is the most adhesive gaffers tape available at FindTape with 80 ounces per inch of peel adhesion, and was considered the industry standard for many years. This high-performance gaff tape is also a good economical choice, provides residue-free removal, conforms to irregular surfaces and can easily be torn by hand. Shurtape P-665 is only available in three colors – black, white and grey, but if you need similar specifications in a different color look at Pro Tapes Pro-Gaff Gaffers Tape. Excellent for holding wiring, lighting and props, splicing, bundling wires and cables and much more.

  9. Shurtape P-672 Professional Grade Gaffers Tape

    Shurtape P-672 is a professional grade gaff tape with the highest tensile strength compared to all the gaffers tape sold at Tensile strength refers to the resistance of a material (in this case gaffers tape) to breaking under tension. This tape is a bit stiffer to peel from the roll and place around irregular shapes due to this higher tensile strength, but Shurtape P-672 can be used for heavy-duty jobs such as waterproof sealing of containers, bookbinding, bundling and even temporary protection from welding splatter.

You can find all of the gaffers tapes featured in this video in a huge selection of widths, lengths and colors at If you’re not sure which gaff tape is right for your project, order the Gaffers Tape Challenge Pack and put them to the test. FindTape provides the best price, selection and fast delivery for all your adhesive tape needs.

************* UPDATE *******************

Additional Gaffers Tape Available

The 3M Scotch 6910 Gaffers Tape is now included in the Gaffers Tape Challenge Pack and sold in single rolls and cases at 3M 6910 gaff tape has a matte finish, rubber adhesive coating and no-residue finish making it a good choice for the entertainment, video and hospitality industries. This tape is heat and moisture resistance allowing for a wide use in challenging environments.

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