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Specialty tapes are made for a specific purpose. This category of electrical specialty tape includes dry vinyl tape, cloth tape (finger tape), and vinyl electroplating tape. Cloth tapes are made from a layer of cloth that is coated with adhesive. Vinyl electroplating tapes are made on a soft PVC (non-rigid vinyl) backing and they usually feature rubber adhesive. Dry vinyl tapes are usually plasticized polyvinyl chloride film tapes that are non-adhesive.

Scapa 175 Cloth Tape is constructed from cotton cloth and has natural rubber adhesive coated on one side. Common applications of the tape include motor coil winding and such bundling applications as harness wrapping. The specialty cloth tape is also used in finger taping, in electrical applications, and in applications where high tensile strength is not a requirement. The tape is on a 3 inch diameter core, has a total thickness of 10.5 mils, its adhesion to stainless steel is 32 ounces per inch and its longitudinal tensile strength is 36 pounds per inch.

Another popular option is the JVCC VEPT-65 Vinyl Electroplating Tape. The tape is mostly used as a soft polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) masking tape. It has PCB terminal zone contacts that are important in preventing chemical penetration in the plating process. It is suitable for shot peening applications since the tape is resistant to alkalis, acid, and oil. The tape has rubber adhesive and it has a total thickness of 6.8 mils. Its longitudinal tensile strength is 16 pounds per inch and its adhesion to stainless steel is 17 ounces per inch.

Yet another specialty tape option is the JVCC DVT-76 Dry Vinyl Tape. This is a non-adhesive tape that is set on PVC (plasticized polyvinyl chloride) film. It is characterized by high elongation (260%) and strength. It is usually used for trouble-free binding of wire harnesses for the automotive industry.

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Scapa 175 Cloth Tape
Scapa 175 Cloth Tape
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