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There's a reason that professional movers are rarely seen without a roll of shrink wrap. This stretch film is like a magic bullet for all those packaging needs that are just a bit too difficult for tape to handle. Wrapping this film around your possession keeps everything safely protected and conveniently bundled for easier moving. Because it clings to itself and contains no actual adhesive, it's completely residue-free. For this reason, it can be used on furniture, carpets and more without leaving behind a sticky mess or causing any damage.

While it certainly comes in handy for moving, shrink wrap can be used for so much more. Rolls of stretch film are often used for additional purposes, such as:

Product Applications:

  • Packaging, protecting and shipping
  • Seaming shrink wrap film sheeting together
  • Patching holes in shrink wrap
  • Securing waste disposal bags
  • Holding doors in place
  • Stucco and plaster masking
  • Outdoor masking applications where UV resistance is required
  • Palletizing and unitizing applications
  • Bundling and holding furniture, carpeting, boxes, etc.
  • Label protection
  • Holding applications
  • Strength reinforcing applications

Stretch film shrink wrap is a must-have in a variety of personal, business and industrial settings. Some of the industries where it is most often used include brick and block, warehouses, irregular loads, transportation industry, food distribution, bagged products and boxed products, to name a few. Besides the fact that it's residue-free, shrink wrap also offers unrivaled load-handling force and unparalleled puncture resistance. If you're ready to buy stretch film that you'll be able to use for a wide variety of situations, check out this selection from FindTape, which includes products from trusted brands like PrimeTac and Polyken. Our affordable low prices make it easy to stock up on rolls or cases. And don't forget to also order a handle for easier application.

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