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    • Nitto (Permacel) P-703 High Temperature Masking Tape

      Permacel P-703 High Temperature Masking Tape is primarily intended for high temperature paint masking applications. A premium paper masking tape, Permacel P703 is also designed for general-purpose masking as well as for holding and splicing - especially with difficult-to-hold surfaces such as chemically-treated fabrics. It is resistant to acrylic and alkyd paint solvents and has fair resistance to ketones and highly active polyurethane paint solvents. Features and benefits include: Good high baking temperature characteristics - withstands repeated temperature cycles up to 300°F up to 1-1/2 hours without mass transfer or slivering upon removal - will support Kraft masking paint drapes at baking temperature. Superior aging qualities assure long shelf life. Resistant to stains and solvents; odor-free. Good elongation - maximum conformability around corners and over uneven surfaces. Excellent balance of quick-stick and high-hold. Tape's smoothness and thinness prevent paint build-up along its edges. Doesn't highlight on appliance finishes. Note: Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is now manufacturing new lots of P-703 for Nitto. For a lower cost alternative please see JVCC MT-02 masking tape. Also if you are looking for a 1-inch white tape which works well on classroom walls please see Shurtape P-665 (Permacel) or JVCC ART-11 white.

    • JVCC HTM-01 High Temperature Masking Tape

      JVCC HTM-01 High Temperature Masking Tape is a premium masking tape with a solvent based cured natural rubber based adhesive system designed to work in masking applications where elevated temperatures and solvent resistance are required. Tape can be used up to 230°F for up to one hour while maintaining integrity, holding power, and clean removal characteristics. JVCC HTM-01 conforms to a broad range of surfaces. Use of this heavy crepe paper tape provides good tensile strength and tear characteristics as well as excellent elongation for wrapping an masking around curved surfaces. Recommended for high demand painting and masking applications; especially automotive masking applications.

    • Shurtape CP-500 High Temperature Masking Tape

      Shurtape CP-500 High Temperature Masking Tape is ideal for today's high tech transportation industry. Works best in metal preparation, high temperature painting applications and coating. Strips cleanly after baking or extended applications. Used for both the automotive aftermarket and other industrial uses. Typical applications for Shurtape CP-500 include both metal preparation, painting and coating; as well as today's high tech transportation industry (auto, coaches, and buses).

    • ISC RTMT Blue Hi-Temp Masking Tape

      ISC Racers Tape Blue Hi-Temp Masking Tape is a masking tape used for auto body automotive work (not your standard blue painters tape). It is engineered for the racing fabrication industry and is designed to be residue-free even under extreme conditions. ISC's Blue Hi-Temp Masking is ideal for use in painting, metal fabrication and powder coating in the racing and marine industries.The tape can resist a range of temperatures, up to 250 °F for 30 minutes (suitable for medium temperature paint bake operations). Even when subject to high temperatures, a cured rubber adhesive system allows for clean removal from metal, rubber, plastics and other surfaces and still results in sharp paint lines. The tape is conformable to irregular surfaces and it resists solvents and moisture to minimize paint bleed-through and rework. It is also compatible with solvent and latex based paints and its strong crepe paper backing (which is treated with heat and solvent resistant saturant) resists tears and silvers.

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