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    • JVCC PolyPro Twisted Rope

      JVCC PolyPro Twisted Rope is superior to manila rope and conventional polypropylene mono filament rope is several respects This rope is manufactured from extruded copolymer (polypropylene and polyethylene) fibers whose unique properties result in ropes that, size for size, are almost triple the strength of traditional high quality manila rope and twice the strength of conventional polypropylene rope. Not only is PolyPro rope far stronger, but it also weighs much less, making it easier to handle. It also has very good resistance to rot mildew, acids and alkalis. It does not harden with age, experience any loss of strength, either from wetness or from drying, and has among the lowest percent elongation. The abrasion resistance of the rope is superior to manila and polypropylene rope and (a particularly important consideration for rigging application) withstands shock load much better than manila rope as well. Unused PolyPro rope has a slightly stiff feeling as it comes off the coil, but it rapidly becomes highly pliable once it is placed in service. After running only a short time over sheaves, the rope will develop a surface "fuzz" which makes for a silky feel and excellent handling characteristics, unlike polypropylene rope which is coarse and slippery on handling.

    • JVCC TL-4 Tie Line

      JVCC TL-4 Tie Line is also known as "trick" line or "sash cord". The #4 cotton tie line is coated which allows for more permanent use with greater holding power. Comes in reels of various sizes.

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