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Adhesive Tape Categories

Find deals on discounted rolls of adhesive tape. Choose from gaffers tape, duct tape, safety tape, double-sided carpet tape and much more! Save even more when you buy sale tape by the case.
Gaffers tape is a matte-finish vinyl coated cloth tape used for a myriad of applications in many industries such as entertainment (theater, movie, music, DJ) and hospitality (event planner, wedding, hotel, convention center).
Double-sided tape (aka double-coated tape) has adhesive on both sides of a cloth, paper, foam, film or tissue carrier (or in the case of ATG or transfer tape there is no carrier at all) and is generally used for holding or mounting items. There are several options available, all with different uses. Some of the more popular brands include 3M Scotch, Duck Brand, JVCC, Ludlow, MACtac, Scapa, Shurtape, Nashua, Nitto (Permacel) and Polyken.
Duct tape is typically used to seal HVAC duct systems. Duct tape can also be used for color coding, packaging, and for inexpensive cable hold down in hotels and convention centers.
Our Paper Tape category includes paper-backed tapes used for painting, color coding, masking, packaging, splicing and mounting. Paper tapes are easy to tear and typically come with a weaker adhesive for easier removal from most surfaces.
Electrical Tape is vinyl tape used by electricians to insulate electrical wires. Colored vinyl tape allows wires and cables to be color coded for identification purposes. Vinyl electric tape was first patented in 1946. It was first used as wire-harness wrapping. It is interesting to note that the original colors for the tape were yellow and later white.
Sports Medicine Athletic Tapes are an everyday necessity for physiotherapists & certified athletic trainers. They include taping supplies such as non-elastic, stretch and pre-wrap tapes.
Reflective tapes such as engineering-grade solid color and striped reflective; as well as DOT, school bus and rail car conspicuity are used for a variety of safety-related applications.
Safety tapes include glow-in-the-dark tape, barricade caution tape, striped vinyl hazard tapes and cable path tunnel tape. Safety tape helps organizations meet OSHA requirements.
Foil tape, including those coated with butyl rubber mastic adhesive, can be used to seal HVAC duct systems. Foil tapes can also be used for shielding applications in the electronics industry.
Our Velcro Tape, Felt Tape and Dual Lock category includes adhesive-backed hook-and-loop Velcro tape and die-cut dots, polyester felt tape and 3M low-profile Dual Lock.
ATG Tape, and in general Adhesive Transfer Tape, is a tape that is unsupported by a carrier or backing (like film, paper or cloth). It is basically just pressure-sensitive adhesive pre-applied to a special release liner. Leading ATG tape brands include JVCC, 3M Scotch and Scapa.
Our Adhesives category includes reusable adhesive putty, spray adhesive, liquid instant adhesive, adhesive transfer tape and adhesive remover.
Non-Skid Tape, Non-Skid Cleats and Non-Skid Strips are used to provide anti-slip traction for high traffic locations and are great for steps, stairs, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, skateboards and ladders.
The Tape Dispensers category includes packaging tape dispensers, desk top dispensers, bag sealing dispensers, filament tape dispenser, lane marking dispenser, double-sided tape dispensers and ATG tape dispensers.
Multi-Tape Packs are bundled assortments of adhesive tape suitable for both professionals and other common chores such as moving. They can also be great gifts for the handyman in your life.
Choose from the newest rolls of tape, tape dispensers and other tape accessories that we've recently added to the web site.

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