Berry Plastics 628 Barricade Seam & Seal Construction Tape

Berry Plastics 628 Barricade Seam & Seal Construction Tape is applied over the seams of installed housewrap to contribute towards a secondary line of defense against exterior moisture penetration of the wall envelope. It helps to maximize energy efficiency by sealing the gaps, cracks and crevices where air can easily penetrate the home and ultimately affect your heating and cooling costs. Berry Seam & Seal is recommended for:

  • Door flanges and frames.
  • Sealing holes and gaps in the exterior wall around faucets, dryer vents, electrical outlets and more.
  • Exterior wall sheathing joints.
  • Housewrap (Tyvek) seams and overlaps.
  • Patching job site damage caused to fragile wall sheathings such as foam and fiberboard.
  • Window flanges and frames.

Berry Barricade Seam & Seal is a thin, strong, white polypropylene film coated with a cold weather acrylic adhesive system. It is specially formulated to have excellent performance characteristics at sub-freezing temperatures along with good quick stickability for ease in applying. Used to repair rips, punctures or tears in the sheathing or housewrap material. This tape can be applied to corners, joints, sill plates, etc., to improve air tightness. Berry Plastics Seam and Seal Construction Tape by itself, should not be used as a flashing material around windows and doors when it is not used in conjunction with an approved flashing material (one that meets or exceeds Fed. Spec. UU-B-790a Grade A), may compromise the wall system's ability to effectively resist exterior moisture penetration.

Berry Plastics 628 has been discontinued. Please see Shurtape HW-300 as an alternative housewrap sheathing tape.
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Technical Specifications

Berry Plastics 628 Barricade Seam & Seal Construction Tape Specifications

  • Adhesive: acrylic   How are adhesives different?
  • Carrier/Backing: polypropylene (PP) film
  • Thickness: 3 mils (carrier, adhesive)    What is a mil?
  • Adhesion: 45 ounces per inch (to stainless steel)
  • Adhesion to Backing: 35 ounces per inch
  • Tensile Strength: 32 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: 0°F to 210°F
  • Elongation: 136%
  • Core: 3" diameter
* specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy

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Berry Plastics 628 Barricade Seam & Seal Construction Tape

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