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Specialty Paper Tapes (Ruler, Matte Black, Freezer, Pre-Mask) Sitemap

Not all masking tapes are made equal, and that's a good thing. At FindTape, we offer a variety of specialty masking tapes that work perfectly for those specific projects you have in mind. These masking tapes have been formulated to help you accomplish all kinds of unique tasks, including:

  • 3M Scotch 3051 Low Tack Paper Tape

    3M Scotch 3051 Low Tack Paper Tape has a white smooth flat carrier/backing and is coated with a low tack acrylic adhesive. The tape is designed to be a controlled low tack paper tape for applications on most paper and many other fragile surfaces (this is 3M's designated replacement for their 230 drafting tape product; however please note it is a flatback paper tape instead of crepe paper like 230 and offers lower adhesion than 230). 3M 3051 can be automatically dispensed and should remove from most surfaces cleanly and easily without damaging the substrate (should not be used for applications requiring outdoor exposure though). Its smooth white backing is printable with most inks and markers. You can use tape for repositionable layout and assembly of artwork and/or work in process such as illustration boards, blueprints, drathe wings, tracings, photos, acetate and grid paper. Also for light blocking on negatives; silhouetting; holding and tabbing. Vertical markets include office supply, paper and print, drafting, graphic arts and photography. If standard masking tape is tearing your work upon removal then this would be a tape to consider.

  • Shurtape CP-743 Matte Black Paper Tape [Permacel P-743]

    Shurtape CP-743 Matte Black Paper Tape is a photographer's matte black masking tape. It features an opaque, matte surface for light-free masking and has high quick stick & adhesion when reproducing photographs. Shurtape CP 743 Paper Tape is used for photographic reproduction work such as cropping and edging negatives, positioning negatives for contact printing, redacting legal documents prior to copying, and for blackout sealing of camera bellows and film holders against light leaks. This is a reliable tape for use in photo studios, film processing laboratories, as well as in-home dark-rooms. CP743 / P743 Masking Tape is also recommended for use as a chart tape or a framer tape to hinge prints onto matboard. It features an easy, consistent unwind, high conformability, UV blocking and is hand tearable. One of the best features of Shurtape CP-743 matte black masking tape is the clear adhesive. Unlike gaffers tape which has a white colored adhesive, CP-743 adhesive is clear and therefore not visible from the sides, cut edges, or other angles. This tape is now manufactured by Shurtape and was previously referred to as Permacel P-743.

  • JVCC PRE-MASK-1 Premask Application Tape

    JVCC PRE-MASK-1 Premask Application Tape is a 5.3 mil natural color transfer premask. Translucent saturated paper with a rubber resin based pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is fully compatible for plotter cuts and thermal die cuts of all size die cuts and vinyl lettering. Pre Mask is used to transfer cut vinyl graphics from their release liner to another surface. The tape protects the graphics from scratches during installation and allows quicker application since the cut graphics will not move during installation. Has medium tack which is ideal for most transfer applications and it has good resistance to abrasion and moisture. Please note this tape only has adhesive on one side; it is not a double-sided tape.

  • 3M Scotch 05916 Welding and Spark Deflection Paper Tape

    3M 05916 Welding and Spark Deflection Paper Tape is a flame-retardant, repositionable, adhesive-backed paper product used to protect vertical surfaces from damage caused by welding spatter and grinding sparks. It suppresses burning from welding spatter and grinding sparks and can be adjusted after initial installation to insure correct position. It offers low-cost but vital protection. 3M 05916 protects automotive glass and light fixtures, painted sheet metal, other damageable vertical surfaces from spatter and sparks. The product is NOT designed for installation on horizontal surfaces, such as roofs, decklids, hoods, carpeting on floorboards since it is not designed to prevent heat transfer from sparks or spatter that are allowed to sit in one position on the paper, these will burn through.

  • Duck Brand Freezer Sealing Tape

    Duck Brand Freezer Tape is used with your favorite freezer paper to help save and protect your favorite meats, vegetables and other bakery goods until you're ready to use them. The tape is hand-tearable and its surface is writable with marker or pen which helps for listing contents and date. To use you should place your food in the center of your freezer paper (waxy side in) and then wrap the paper around the food. Then seal the paper with Duck Freezer Tape by wrapping it completely around the contents of the freezer paper. You should not place your food in direct contact with the tape. Unlike standard paper masking tape freezer tape stays adhered well in low freezer temperatures when wrapped around the contents of freezer paper.

  • Pro Tapes Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape

    Do you need to measure something that's difficult to measure? Whether it's fabric or an oddly-shaped gourd that you're decorating, Pro Tapes Pro-Measurement Ruler Tape can come in handy. This Kraft paper tape with adhesive backing is easily repositionable, making it ideal as a ruler or tape measure alternative. Pro Tapes ruler tape is highly visible yellow paper tape with clear black printed ruler markings. Use it in tough applications where a tape measure isn't practical. If you're wondering where to buy adhesive measuring tape strips at the best price, the answer is: right here at FindTape! We sell it in a convenient roll. It also offers easy unwind and clean removal. You can choose from Imperial (English) or Metric measurements. On the Imperial version, each 1/8 of an inch is marked, and it's numbered from 1 through 12, which then repeats. The larger 1-inch width size allows space for writing. For example, you can indicate each foot for added convenience when making a long measurement. The Metric tape is numbered 1 through 10 at every centimeter (cm) designation, which then repeats. The first 10 cm are marked off at every millimeter (mm) and then for the next 10 cm., it's marked for each .5 cm. designation. After the .5cm. marking, there is a perforation in the tape plus a small gap of approximately 2mm before the next series of mm markings begins. Product Applications Mark gourds and other irregularly shaped objects for drilling Do inspections easily Make grow charts for children in a classroom to teach measuring Take pictures of sections you need measurements for to easily keep track of many measurements Use on fabrics for placing bead embroidery, sequins, etc. Hang pictures and decorations around the house without having to mark-up walls Solo DIY projects in the home or business Measuring Note: Since paper tape elongates a bit, it will stretch over longer distances. It is perforated every 12 inches because for each foot it will be very close. However, for longer measuring runs you may need to match it up with a metal tape measure to be sure when it is stuck down it isn't stretched at all. The tape can also be un-perforated and each foot set down to match.

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