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    • Scapa 136 Polyethylene Film Tape

      Scapa Polyflex 136 Polyethylene Film Tape is a heavy-duty polyethylene backed, single coated tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive. It is used for convention center floor marking, surface protection, wire identification, seaming/splicing of polyethylene sheeting and general purpose holding. If you are looking for a more adhesive tape (compared to a lower adhesive vinyl tape like JVCC V36-P) to tape up wrestling mat seams this is a good choice. It is also used in the boating and RV industry for taping seams and patching holes in poly sheeting. Unlike a vinyl floor marking tape a polyethylene tape like 136 will not stretch or break if laying across a large area like a convention center floor. Scapa Polyflex 136 features include a tacky adhesive which bonds well to most surfaces over a wide temperature range; excellent low-temperature bonding; product is very conformable; it maintains a watertight seal in most weather conditions; good tear characteristics; and a low residue adhesive. This tape does not have UV inhibitors. Scapa 136 is not opaque, but is semi-transparent or translucent.

    • Patco 5067-53 Greenhouse Tape (UV Stabilized)

      Patco 5067-53 Greenhouse Tape is a clear polyethylene greenhouse repair patch tape designed for use outdoors for seaming and patching applications on greenhouse films. Also can be used for general purpose sealing, splicing, seaming, surface protection and temporary hold down. Features of Patco 5067-53 include being UV and weather resistant, bonding aggressively to greenhouse films, and that it can withstand extended exposure to the elements. The tape comes on a release liner which provides ease of use on wide width applications.

    • Polyken 824 Shrink Wrap Tape (Polyethylene Film)

      Polyken 824 Shrink Wrap Tape is also known as hull preservation tape and is used for taping edges of shrink wrap to a boat's hull. Also used by auto salvage and reclamation yards. It has a polyethylene film and rubber based adhesive. UV protected for prolonged expose to sunlight. Polyken 824's specially-designed adhesive eliminates residue even after extended periods of exposure. It is also conformable so it adheres to rough surfaces and is also easy to unwind. Shrink Wrap Tape is used to seam shrink wrap film sheeting together; patch holes in shrink wrap; secure waste disposal bags; and to hold doors in place. It is also used for stucco & plaster masking and other outdoor masking applications where UV resistance is required. Our distributor gets this made specially from Berry Plastics in white with serrated/pinked edges for easy tearing - no cutting is needed.

    • Patco 5068 Greenhouse Repair Tape (Short Term)

      Patco 5068 Greenhouse Repair Tape is a short-term economy-grade greenhouse patch, seal & repair tape. Used for general purpose sealing, splicing and seaming as well as surface protection and temporary hold-down applications. Patco 5068 Greenhouse Tape is conformable to irregular surfaces, performs well over a wide temperature range, is optically clear & hand-tearable; will not crack or crease at low temperatures, has an easy unwind and provides an excellent moisture barrier. This tape is not UV stabilized.

    • Shurtape PE-444 Stucco Masking Film Tape (UV resistant)

      Shurtape PE-444 Stucco Masking Film Tape is a UV resistant polyethylene film tape used to temporarily mask surfaces during stucco application and painting. It has a special synthetic high-tack, residue free, adhesive which provides a watertight seal in severe environments and weather conditions. Typical applications for Shurtape PE 644 include masking window and door frames during stucco application as well as masking wood, metal, vinyl, and tile during painting. Also used for greenhouse repair (the tape provides for limited UV exposure).

    • Shurtape PE-100 Temporary Flooring Tape

      Shurtape PE-100 Temporary Flooring Tape is a specialty tape used on wood floors with water-based finishes to secure protective coverings and for creating temporary lines & boundaries on gym floors. PE-100 FloorMate tape comes up clean on a properly prepped/cured wood finish, is conformable enough to create curves, is more durable than paper tapes, removes without tearing or splintering, works for paint masking and is available in three colors. Test tape in an inconspicuous area before using. It is for temporary use only. Finish damage is difficult and expensive to repair on wood floors, so assure preparation and finish application are done per finish manufacturer's recommendations. Allow finish to cure fully before applying tape. Remove tape slowly prior to 30 days on the floor. LAB TESTED FINISHES Water-based: Bona Traffic DuraSeal polyurethane Hillyard Contender Loba Hybrid Loba WS Easyfinish NewAge Full Court Press StreetShoe Basic StreetShoe 275 Varathane Floor Finish X Terra Zinsser polyurethane Solvent-based: Deft Defthane polyurethane Hillyard 350 Gym Finish

    • Nashua 680004 Heavy Duty Tarp Tape

      Nashua Heavy Duty Tarp Tape is a black polyethylene film tape used for sealing and seaming of heavy-weight poly tarps. It has a rubber-based adhesive suitable for 6 to 8 months of outdoor exposure (it is designed for extended outdoor exposure). It is UV resistant and has a tough polyethylene backing. Nashua Tarp Tape has the tensile strength of duct tape without the irregular adhesive surface. It is highly conformable with smooth adhesive to provide superior contact to difficult surfaces.

    • Patco 1800 Flame Retardant Galley Tape

      Patco 1800 Flame Retardant Galley Tape, aka 1800FR, is an aircraft corrosion inhibitor tape designed for water seal applications in main cabin wet areas (galleys, lavatories, & entryways). Features of Patco 1800FR include: tough, conformable and moisture resistant; permanent and flame retardant; allows wide width usage; helps prevent corrosion on floor structures; will not delaminate; meets FAR requirements; compatible with most sealants; fast application; and can be die-cut to various shapes.

    • Patco 5400 Preservation & Sealing Tape (UV Resistant)

      Patco 5400 Preservation & Sealing Tape is a film tape which combines a heavy duty, weather resistant polyethylene backing with a non-staining, clean removal, rubber based adhesive. Patco 5400 is U.V. and weather resistant as well as highly conformable (adheres snugly to contoured and irregular surfaces). It is used for long term preservation, sealing, and splicing applications. Also for direct protective masking on aircraft, trucks, boats, and industrial equipment during outdoor storage. It can be used in conjunction with outdoor shrink film to secure and seal the shrink film border firmly during transportation or extended outdoor exposure. It is designed to not leave adhesive residue, stains, or ghosting on most surfaces. Excellent low temperature operating adhesion.

    • Patco 503A Colored Polyethylene Film Tape

      Patco 503A Colored Polyethylene Film Tape offers durability, excellent conformability and a solvent resistant backing combined with an aggressive permanent adhesive system. Used as a protective overlaminate and as a thermal insulation outer wrap. Features of Patco 503A include: excellent moisture barrier; UV and solvent resistant; excellent long-term aging; provides a permanent seal indoors or outside; will not crack or craze after extended exposure. This tape is also sometimes referred to as a Bondbreaker tape. Other application uses include decorative markings, color coding and striping.

    • Patco 502A Clear Polyethylene Film Tape

      Patco 502A Clear Polyethylene Film Tape combines the conformability, abrasion, and chemical resistance of polyethylene film with an aggressive permanent adhesive system. It is designed as a general purpose sealing, splicing, and seaming tape. Use for protective film & temporary hold down, material processing, and industrial fabricating applications. Patco 502A features include: conformability to irregular surfaces; good temperature resistance over a wide range; high adhesion & cohesion; long term stability; will not crack or crease at low temperatures; yields a permanent bond with virtually no edge bleed; adhesive will not fail after extended periods.

    • 3M Scotch 226 Solvent Resistant Masking Tape

      3M Scotch 226 Solvent Resistant Masking Tape is a black polyethylene film reinforced with a saturated crepe paper used for outdoor masking applications as well as hot air leveling of printed circuit boards. Other uses include sealing, holding, bundling, reinforcing, identifying, tabbing, wrapping, paint masking, splicing and protecting. The polyethylene backing is resistant to many solvents, water solutions and emulsions and paint strippers of both the wax-base type and the mild caustic solution solvent-emulsion type. The tape offers several features and benefits such as its heavy thickness crepe paper backing is good for paint lines; its natural rubber adhesive offers good instant adhesion; and it is an easy tear, pressure sensitive tape which is conformable. It also offers clean removal properties on most opaque surfaces for up to three months of outdoor exposure and its saturated crepe paper layer reinforces the tape to control stretch. Industries the tape can be used in include transportation, aerospace, automotive, commercial vehicle, RV, bus, truck, ship yards, military, metal working, furniture, electronics, solar, trailer manufacturing and woodworking.

    • Shurtape PE-555 Premium Polyethylene Film Tape (UV resistant)

      Shurtape PE-555 Premium Polyethylene Film Tape is a 9 mil UV resistant waterproof film tape used to temporarily mask window and door frames during stucco application and wood, metal, vinyl, and tile during painting. Multipurpose tape used for surface protection; color coding; and for splicing and seaming on pipe fitting covers. Shurtape PE-555 has excellent tear characteristics and well as adhesion.

    • Polyken 801 Polyethylene Film Screenblock Tape

      Polyken 801 Screenblock Tape consists of a polyethylene (PE) film coated on one side with a rubber adhesive. It is used to block screens from moisture and chemicals during screen printing. Also used as a general purpose industrial bundling, patching, wrapping and repairing tape. Polyken 801 features include: conformable and flexible; has excellent durability & solvent resistance; has high tack for a secure bond; red for high visibility; and it's repositionable & offers clean removal (no residue).

    • JVCC 211 Polyethylene Film Tape

      JVCC 211 Polyethylene Film Tape is a polyethylene general purpose film tape for splicing, patching, sealing, tabbing and holding. Polyethylene Film Tape is also used for floor marking, convention center booth marking, packaging, and seaming polyethylene sheeting. NOTE: No inventory remains for JVCC 211. Please see Scapa 136 as an alternative.

    • JVCC PF-9R Polyethylene Film Tape

      JVCC PF-9R Polyethylene Film Tape is low density polyethylene film tape coated on one side with a synthetic rubber-based adhesive. It remains tacky and bonds well to most surfaces over a wide range of temperatures (it has an excellent low temperature bond). JVCC PF-9R's tough polyethylene backing offers good abrasion and tear resistance. It is also highly conformable, waterproof and resistant to chemical deterioration. Applications for PF-9R include: polyethylene splicing; patching/repairing poly sheeting used in boating and RV industry; surface protection & electroplate masking; wire identification; and packing. Works well in most applications where a low thread count polyethylene coated cloth tape is being used. NOTE: This item is no longer carried. Please see Scapa 136 for currently stocked colored polyethylene film tape.

    • Polyken 832 Polyethylene Film Tape (Overstock)

      Polyken 832 Polyethylene Film Tape is a polyethylene film tape with UV resistant acrylic adhesive. It is used on glass and Plexiglas for clean removal. It is also used in abatement processes and as a protective tape. Polyken 832 is UV resistance which allows for outdoor use. This is an overstock product and only limited inventory is available.

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