Silicone Splicing Tape Sitemap

Silicone Splicing Tape Sitemap
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Silicone Splicing Tape Sitemap

Silicone Splicing Tape are film tapes coated on one side with silicone adhesive which allow them to bond to silicone surfaces like silicone-coated papers.

  • JVCC PPT-36G Silicone Splicing Tape

    JVCC PPT-36G Silicone Splicing Tape is a translucent emerald green 2 mil polyester film with 1.6 mils of a nonresiduing pure silicone adhesive. One of the cleanest and strongest splicing tapes available. Its high adhesion and extremely stable adhesive system give it excellent resistance to photo processing chemicals, acids, oils, solvents, aging, staining and water immersion. A superior performance leader card splicing tape. Used for splicing siliconized papers, films and non-woven materials in converting. Used for masking adhesive seams in metal bonding processes.

  • Scapa 571 Silicone Splicing Tape

    Scapa 571 Silicone Splicing Tape is a thin polyester film, single-coated on one side with a custom-formulated silicone pressure sensitive adhesive (opposite side of the film utilizes a standard non-silicone coating). The silicone adhesive provides high initial tack and ensures an excellent bond to silicone coated substrates. This translucent shear-resistant product is pink to enable prompt splice identification and has a soft, conformable adhesive that adheres well to irregular surfaces. It is used for splicing of silicone release papers, films, and other substrates; general-purpose bonding; high-temperature masking; and chemical masking. Scapa 571 features include: Excellent adhesion to silicone coated substrates. High initial tack which insures a good bond. Conforms to achieve good contact to surfaces being spliced. High shear resistance for a strong bond. Color of tape enables prompt splice identification. Is resistant to many chemicals.

  • Scapa 702 Double Coated Silicone Tape

    Scapa 702 Double Coated Silicone Tape is a polyester film coated on both sides with a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Used for splicing of silicone coated papers and films. Bonds silicone substrates and many other difficult to bond surfaces. Scapa 702 provides excellent quick-stick and strong holding power. Bonds silicone foams and gaskets for automotive and industrial applications, high or low temperature gasket sealing, can be die-cut for precision parts. Wound on a specially treated polyester film liner which allows for easy unwind. Bonds over a wide operating temperature range and resistant to many chemicals.